Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

176 Of Patience. SERM. then do we with patience wait for it. 1 am VII. fenfible this is a branch of patience that needs 10"."Jnot be much infifted on ; chriftians generally want to have their defires of the future felicity increafed, that they may prevail against worldly affections, rather than moderated ; yet forne fpirits there are filled with fuch a fenfe, and fo rais'd expe.tations of the glory which fhall be revealed, and fo brought un- der the power of that world to come, that the diftance of it is a great trial of their pa- tience. This was the cafe of St. Paul, as himfelf tells us *, He was in a flrait be- tween two, having a de/ire to depart, and be with Chr, which was fin- better; nevertfhe- lefs, to abide in the flefh was more need f id for chrßians ; and therefore, with a moil ge- nerous refignation, he patiently fubmitted to the will of God, which appointed him to continue for a time attending their fervice, tho' his own perfect happinefs, of which he had the utmoft affurance, was poftponed. I fhall in the remaining part of this dif- courfe, confine myfelf to the ftriEter and more ufual fignification of patience, as it im- ports an humble contented temper of mind, and a dutiful behaviour under the of uiEtions * Phil. i. 23. and