Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of Patience. 179 He who is patient as a chriftian has his SERm. mind habitually under the influence of fuch VII. confiderations as thefe, and they are the very L^^) reafons of his equanimity and inward com- pofure, that nothing falls out in this world by blind chance, or fatal neceflity, which really are no caufes of any thing, but words without a meaning, which weak, inattentive, or irre- ligious minds amufe themfelves with, un- willing and difinclined to confider the full and demonftrative evidence which the fu- preme intelligent independent caufe has given us of his being, his abfolute perfefions, and his government of the world. That as he is infinitely wife and powerful, fo he is in- finitely good, and beneficent towards his crea- tures, the gracious parent of the univerfe corn municating happinefs to thofe beings who are capable of it, and ruling the whole, not ar- bitrarily, but according to the exadeft mea- fures of wifdom, equity and goodnefs ; and, therefore, in the entire fcheme of provi- dence, tho' we cannot comprehend the work of the Lord, his ways are us féarchable, and his judgments pafi,finding out, yet we rea- fonably infer from the wifdom and benevo- lence which he has made manifeft, that no event is appointed or permitted without that N 2 counfel