Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

z 86 Of Patience. SERM. enervates its force as to render it uncapable VII. of making any at all. Now, it is the pro- "0-v%"' vince of believing patience to controul and to fupprefs thefe difturbing fears, and to preferve the mind humbly confident under the fha- dow of the Almighty, in a due difpofition for following the dire&ion of its own reafon, and exerting its own powers, in the molt proper manner. In the next place, angry refentments againfi the providence of God are by all means to be reftrain'd and fubdued, as being diredly con- trary to patience, and chargeable with great and heinous impieties. What can be more undutiful than for creatures to quarrel with their almighty Maker, and arraign the wif- dom and goodnefs of his conduct in any in- fiance ? Will we pretend that he is account- able to us, or dare we fay in any cafe that the judge of the whole world has not done right ? Yet fome degrees of this evil, even good men have fallen into. The prophet 7onah * faid in the bitternefs of his fpirit, I do well to be angry to death. Other holy perfons under violent temptations, efpecially arifing from the profperity of the' wicked, have expreffed themfelves difrefpectfully towards the provi- * Jonah iv. 9, dence