Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of Patience. 187 dente of God. The Pfalmi/l went fo far a SERM. to fay, verily, I * have cleanlèd my heart in VII. vain, and wafhed my hands in innocency. As '''Thr'd if religion were altogether an unprofitable thing, and God fo governed the world as to fhowno regard to it. It is therefore a neceffary caution, efpecially to the afiiited, which we have in P/aim xxxvii. 8. Cecile from anger andforfiike wrath, fret not thyfelf in any wife to do evil. But though peevifh and rafh ex- preffions may fometimes drop from good men in very great trouble, it is utterly inconfifient with their chara&er to be habitual murmur- ers and complainers, fuch being numbered among the greateft tranfgreffors by the apoftles St. Peter and St. yzule. Let it be further obferved, that it ought to be our care to grow in all the good difpo- fitions which are imported in patience, and to keep our hearts continually, and fet a watch upon our lips, that we do not offend. We fhould take heed, as the apoftle exhorts us, that we do not grow weary nor faint in our minds, Whatever reafon there is for patience and fub» million in the íhorteft affliction, equally holds for the fame temper in all the adverfities of life, even if they fhould continue to its laft * Pfalm lxxxiii. 13. article,