Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Sincere Obedience necelary to, &c. 3I into the world on purpofe to reveal the Fa- SERM. ther to men, and the way to eternal life ; II that is, to give them jufl fentiments concern- ing God, and the homage he requires ; and to declare by an exprefs law, what are the difpofitions of mind, and the courfe of a Lion which will beacceptable to him; we, who have embraced chrifbanity are not left to bedire&ed by the diäates of men in this great inquiry, nor merely to our own reafon, and what the light of nature will fuggefl : (though that is Hill fo far a rule, that we cannot receive any pre- tended revelation which contradiEls it, and hereby the Gofpel is recommended to our acceptance, that its terms are perfedly agree- able to it :) but we muff have our recourfe to our Saviour's exprefs declaration. The rule of life which he has prefcribed, will be the rule of judgment; and we cannot reafonably have any hope of happinefs in the other world, but upon our conforming in this world to the precepts he has given us. The verfes I have read, being near the conclufion of his excel- lent fermon upon the mount, . which contains the fum of his dottrine, decide the grand queflion already mentioned with the greateft clearnefs. It is the point which of all others he takes care to declare the moil plainly, as indeed