Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

32 Sincere Obedience neceÇary to SERM. indeed it may reafonably be expeeted he II fhould, fince confequences of the great- eft moment to men whom he came to fave, depend upon it. And indeed his words are fo very plain, that one would think it hardly pofi"ible for any of his followers to mif- take his meaning. On the one hand, he thews the infufficiency of fome pretences, fuch as a great outward profeßion of refpe± to him, calling him, Lord, Lord, and the gift of prophecy, of calling out devils, and working miracles, Thofe pretences he exprefsly fays, he will reje &, and if the perfons, who claim or expea acceptance by them, are workers of iniquity, his fentence againft them will be, depart from me, I know ye not. On the other hand, he eftablifhes obedience, as the only folid ground of hope towards God, and declares that they, `and they only, who do the will of his heavenly Father ; that is, fin- cerely keep his commandments, thall be ac- quitted in the day of Judgment, and enter into the kingdom of heaven. Thefe, there- fore, are the heads of difcourfe I (hall infitl upon from the text. Firfl, I will endeavour to explain the falfe pretences to the favour of God, and the kingdom of heaven, menti- oned by our Saviour, with others parallel to them ;