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our Acceptance with God. 33 them ; and to Phew how vain and infufficient S E x M. they are. Secondly, to illuftrate that only II. folyd ground of hope and foundation of our t."*".v title to future happinefs, doing the will of. God. Firfl, to explain the falfe pretences to the favour of God and the kingdom of heaven ; mentioned by our Saviour, with others pa -. rallel to them, and thew how vain and infuffi- cient they are. The firft pretence is faying to Chrift, Lord, Lord : the plain meaning of which is, making profeffion of chriftianíty. What elfe can naturally be underftood by calling him Lord, than acknowledging the character given of him in his word as a law- giver fent from God to erect a kingdom upon earth, whereof he himfelf is the king; to in- itruc , toreforin,andtofaveasmanyofmankind as will believe in him and obey him ; and at Taft, to judge the world in righteoufnefs ac- cording to their works. The apoftle gives us this account of the religion of the Gentiles le. They had gods many, and lords many ; fu- perior and inferior gods, celeftial deities and terreftrial, lord- agents, Baalim as they were called by the Hebrews, who had the ma- nagement of affairs in this lower world, and * 1. Cor. viii. s. Vo L. II. D were