Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

58 The Caz j s and Danger of Self - Deceit. SERM. by the fingle eye, is meant the virtue of fun - VIII. plicity; without referve or hefitation heark %.P S ping to and following the pure voice of con - fcience, not ufing any artifice, colouring, or falfe difguife, nor fuffering any biafs or pre. judice to reft on the mind whereby it may be impofed upon, or milled. The evil eye is a difeafe of the mind, very malignant, and extremely dangerous ; what lefs can be meant by total and molt deplorable darknefs ? but it is a voluntary contracted diftemper, which I think may be fairly inferr'd from the textit- felf. Our Saviour here defcribes a very dif- mal fpiritual Rate, full of guilt, horror, and mifery; it imports a fundamental error in morals, and in the way to true happinefs, than which, what can be faid or thought more wretched in the condition of a rational crea- ture? It is darknefs, the emblem of igno- rance, vice, and unhappinefs ; a total dark - nefs without any remains of ufeful light; and if the light that is in thee he darknefi, how great is that darknefs ? Surely this is not the natural Rate of any intelligent being, nor can be incurr'd without a wilful and criminal perverfion of its own capacities. God made man upright, and put him in the ftrait way to