Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

The Caufes and Danger of Self -Deceit. 59 to happinefs ; * but they have fought out many SERM. inventions. Again, farther to explain our III. Saviour's intention, we may confider the con- nexion wv of the text ; our blefTed Lord had in the immediatelypreceding verfes infifted on the moft important andcomprehenfive of all duties, which he defcribes by laying up for ourfelves treafures in heaven ; that is, that we fhould firft of all fix to ourfelves our true ultimate end, with a refolution conftantiy and inva- riably to adhere to it, and purfue it vigoroufly and diligently by all proper means ; the plain meaning ofwhich is, as appears from his fore- going difcourfe, that we fhould propofe for our end the moral perfection of our nature, and the imitation of God by the fervent love and afiiduous praftice of true righteoufnefs and goodnefs ; that, I fay, we fhould fix this as our laft end and principal bufinefs, pre- ferably to all the pleafures, profits, and ho- nours of this world, which are vain and pew riíhing things. It is here that the declaration in the text is introduced, and therefore it is plainly intended to teach us, that we are not only capable, but in danger of fuch fatal dark - nefs, or ignorance and practical error, as to make us infenfible of our higheft intereft, Ecclef. vii, y9. and