Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

6 8 The Cat f s and Danger of Self- Deceit. SERM. perhaps fome may complain that the condi- III. tion of mankind is unhappy, that they are `--v---"capable of it. Why were not we, by our very conftitution, fecured againft fuch a dan- ger ? why was not the eye of the foul fo made, that it could not become evil? the light of confcience fo ilrong and clear that it could not be obfcured, or perverted? In other words, why were we made fuch frail and imperfect creatures ? But, * Who art thou, O Man ! that replie againf God ? flail the thing f rm'd fay to him that form'd it, why haft thou made me thus? I would have you firft of all to be thoroughly f nfible that the fad is fo; I mean, that there is a poflibility, nay and a danger of your being thus felf- deceived, and falling into fuch darknefs, that you may be thoroughly folici_ tous to avoid it. But, it is the perverfe and froward way of men, that they will not fea- fonably be aware of their danger; and then when they actually fall into it, they lay the fault to their Maker. I (hall not, at prefent, enter on the vindication of God's goodnefs in the frame of our nature and the condition of trial he has appointed for us. I will only * Rom. ix. 20. fuggefl,