Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

The Caufes and Danger of Self- Deceit. 69 fuggeft that there feems to be very little ground of complaint that we are liable to a danger, for efcaping which, we are furnifhed with fo fufficient means, a danger from which plain honefty of heart would effectually preferve us, which muff appear both reafon- able and eafy, if any thing can be called fo. Will a man complain of being deluded, who chufes his own delufion, who forfakes the natural guide God has given him, and re- verfes the order of his nature by voluntarily exalting into a fupremacy what the leaft at- tention to his own frame would thew him ought always to be in fubjedion ? and ftill lefs handle of complaint have chriftians againft their Lord as a fevere mafter, fince they en- joy fo many additional advantages, fuch excel- lent means of attaining to, and preferving in- tegrity, for preventing their being led into de- ftrutive darknefs and errors, and thereby fe- curing their eternal happinefs. The 3dobfervation is concerning the means whereby this fatal difeafe of the mind and error of the judgment is contracted and con - firmed. Tho' the real prevailing caufe is the corruption of the heart, yet there muff be force plaufible pretences and falfe colours that men's minds may be effectually darkened. F 3 For,, SERM. III. v--