Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

I ifdom the Strength of the Mind. 91 its meafure of perfe&ion, hath a felf- enjoy- S E R M, anent, findeth cafe and fatisfa &ion in its IV. found and healthful Rate ; and it might be `-! expe&ed it fhould be fo, confidering the great goqdnefs of the Creator. But it was wifely provided that fisch of them as are liable to dangers and annoyances from abroad, fhould have a paipful appre- henfion of them, in order to their being put upon the fpeedieft methods for avoiding them. This is the end of fear in their conflitution. We fee the brute kinds plain- ly difcover it, in their narrow fphere of fen - fible óbje &s which threaten them, and from which all their danger arifeth ; they are quickly apprifed, and immediately di- re &ed, without deliberation, to all they can do for their fafety. But man is made with a larger comprehenfion, and with the pri- vilege of forefight, by which he difcover- eth a greater variety of dangers, and feeth them at a greater diftance ; and this certainly was not originally intended to be his tor- ment ; but, if it be fo in event, it mutt be by way of penal infliaion for his faults, or a diftemper of his mind againft which there is a proper remedy provided. This, then, is the firft part of our weaknefs, of which wifdom is the cure. 2d&,