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71"' .a. 104 W fdom the Strength of the Mind. 5 E R M. weight of glory to recompenfe the pain and IV. toil of the prefent .{fate, which are, in com- """-' parifon, but a light affliction and for a mo. ment. The fame principles and fentiments in the mind of a wife man reffrain immoderate anger, which, as Solomon faith, refleth in the bofom of fools, Ecclef, vii. 9. He con - fidereth the tranfports of paffionate wrath as the impotence of the foul deftroying it's peace ; that no provocations or injuries which can be done to him in this world can affed his main intereft ; they appear to him very inconfiderable things while he enjoyeth tran- quillity within, and believeth God is his friend, who can make even his enemies to to be at peace with him, can affwage their ;nalice or controul it's moil violent efforts, and whofe loving kindnefs is a fund of fu- perior confolation, even better than life it- felf, beyond which the utmoft rage of men éannot reach ; and, finally, as the great rule by which he formeth his temper and con-, dud is, the imitation of the Deity, he conffdereth that nothing is more godlike than to forgive injuries, and be kind to the un- thankful and evil. But let us, next, confider the advantage of religious wifdom in delivering us from 3 tbP