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Wifdom the Strength of the Mind. ios the fymptoms of weaknefs arifing from the S E R M. paffions. The firft I mentioned was igno- IV. rance and confufion ; the underftanding is fo `^^'1 darkened that it cannot difcern the way we Mould chufe, and form a juft and deli- berate judgment of things, which certainly is a great unhappinefs. Now, it is the in- valuable advantage of true wifdom, that it openeth the eyes, and fetteth things before the mind in a clear and full view. - The many of the Lord is fure, making wife the Pimple, the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes, Pfal. xix. 7, 8. What- ever difficulty there may appear in the paths of virtue to the corrupt and unexperienced, they are all plain to him that underjlandeth, and right to them that find knowledge. Prov. viii. 9. There is an admirable fim plicity in religion, and the highway of holinefs, as the prophet calleth it, Ifa. xxxv. 8. is fuch that the wayfaring man, though a fool, (hall not err therein. Whereas the ways of fin are crooked and intricate, a man engaged in them frill meeteth with one difficulty after another, and vexeth himfelíf with unprofitable projects, which only tend to involve him in farther trouble, Prov. xv. 19. 7-he way of the flothful man is an hedge of