Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

Wzfdom the Strength of the Mind. 107 and unflable ; true wifdom, which confift- S E R wt. eth in the maflery of the paffions, mutt have IV. the contrary effeft; and accordingly you will always obferve, that the moll difpaflìonate men are the molt conftant ; for confcience and reafon hold the fovereignty in the foul, and their vòice is í}i11 the fame. Again, as bodily flrength produceth faci- lity and chearfulnefs in aftion, the Prong man rejoiceth to run his race, which would be a great opprefìïon to the weak ; the ftrong in a religious fenfe, that is, the wife and virtuous, run in the path of righteoufnefs, and do not fìzint, as the prophet fpeaketh, they walk and are not weary, their good works are performed with vigor and alacri- ty, and their hearts are enlarged to run in the of God's commandments. This effect of wifdom Solomon obferveth, chap. iv. 12. When thou go , thy / eps'hall not beHrait en- ed, and when thcaz runneji, thou (halt not Humble. As a man walking in a narrow dif- ficult path, or labouring under an incum- brance to which his ftrength is unequal, findeth himfelf crampt and uneafy, his pro - grefs is flow and painful, fo the weak and imperfea in a religious fenfe, preffed down by weights, embarraffed and entangled with the