Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

1o8 Wifdom the Strength of the Mind. S ER M. the fins which eafily befet them, do not run IV. the race which is fet before them, but their ' ' Reps are Hraitened and they often fumble, From thefe inconveniences wifdom is the effectual relief; it eftabliíheth and invigorateth the powers of the mind, it enableth the per - fon indued with it, to attend his proper work with cafe and fatisfaftion, and to con- tinue with patience in well-doing. And you may obferve the text faith, the man of knowledge increafeth Hrength; though the firft entrance of it maketh a great change in the condition and condu& of men, and from that time difcretion begin - eth to prefèrve and underflanding to keep them, as our author obferveth, chap. ii. io. yet it is not perfeft at once, but by degrees groweth up to maturity, and every ftep we advance brings an additional Hrength with all the comfortable confequences of it, as yob faith, chap. xvii. 9. The righteous fhall hold on his way, and they that have clean hands be flronger andflronger. That which com- pleteth the benefit of this fpiritual Hrength, is, that the wife man is confcious of it, and enjoy - eth itwith pleafure; not that he proudly valueth himfelf upon his ftrength, or treats others with a fupercilious contempt ; fuch a temper is far from