Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

eiinfidered under the Notion of Wifdom. 3 the 8th, and 9th chapters, doth defignedly, SE R M. and even out of his profeffed method, that I. is more largely than in the way of pro - `---s"""t verbs, infift on the beauty and excellence of wifdom, inviting men ferioufly and Readily to contemplate her charms, that they may admire her inftruEtions, and give themfelves up to her conduit. Wifdom is introduced in the dramatick way (which is an antient, and, when well managed, a very ufeful way of writing) as a divine perfon appearing in a very lovely form, difplaying her native worth and beauty; and by the molt powerful perfua- fives, and the molt affectionate manner of addrefs, foliciting the degenerate fons of men to hearken to her counfels for their good. The reafonablenefs and happy ef- feEts of our complying with her propofals are reprefented, and the vanity of all thofe things which rival wifdom for our afieEtions, is fully (hewn. The means, and the neeef- fary difpofitions on our part, in order to our attaining the true difcretion here jufily cele- brated, are particularly mentioned, and thofe prejudices laid open, with the folly and un- reafonablenefs of them, which íhut mens minds, and harden their hearts againf it. 13 2 With