Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

4 Religion arid Virtue, SERM. With thefe things in our view as its maim I. defign, let us carefully read the Book of Proverbs. Some pérhaps neglect and did regard it as dry morality ; but certainly it containeth pure religion, and undefiled befóre God the Father, excellent rules for the con- duff of life ; and it marketh out the way in which alone we can hope for the divine acceptance, and the folyd peace which ari- feth from the teftimony of an approving confcience. That you may read it with the greater advantage, I will endeavour, in this difcourfe, to explain the nature, chara ±ers, and ufes of the wifdom of which it treateth; and making that the ftandard, we may try tome things which have the appearance of wifdom, and, perhaps, correa fome wrong notions we have entertained in a matter of fo great importance : and by that amiable charater, which mutt be high in the efteem of every' confederate perfon, if it appeareth to be juftly applied, we may be induced to confent to, and pra &ife the rules Solomon prefcribeth. In general, it is very plain that what this author meaneth by wifdom, is true religion and virtue ; whether it be worthy of that name, efpecially in the peculiar and diftin- 2 guithin g