Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

134 The Favour of God obtained by Wifdom. S E R M. ing, no more pain; they not only reprefent V. it in fuch general terms as thew it to be ex- `^^r`' ceeding glorious and happy, as when it is fet forth under the notion of a kingdom, a crown, a royal palace, and building of God; but they explain the particular ingredients which, to a ferious compofed mind, muff appear the nobleft enjoyments that a rational nature is capable of, fuch as the fociety of angels, and the perfected fpirits of the full, an entire deliverance from temptation and fin, the perfection of knowledge and of charity, being like God, and feeing him as he is ; and all the bleffed exercifes and fiui- tions of the foul not to fuffer any abatement by its re -union with the body, which in the prefent frate lays fuch weight upon it, and cramps its afpiring powers, but as con- fummated, rather, at the refurrection ; the body then immortal, and fpiritual, fafhioned like unto the glorious body of yefus being every way a well qualified companion to the mind in all its high entertainments, and fo to continue through all eternity. We may confider, at the fame time, the lirong afi'urances God hath given his fervants for the confirmation of their faith and hope; not only we have his faithful word to rely 3 on,