Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

jtsö Long-life, Riches, and Honour, SE R M. petual diftra&ing fears and difcontent of their VI. own minds: But it is certain Solomon judge `""""j eth rightly, when he placeth it in the right hand of wifdom, for it muft have the pre. Terence of riches and honour, though not of an approving confcience ; and efpecially, if the prefent be confidered as a Rate of pre, paration for eternity, wherein we have the opportunity and the means of providing for an unchangeable hereafter, fuch a duration of life, in which that great work may be brought to a happy conclufion, muft be ac- counted by us a great bleffing ; and, gene- rally fpeaking, I do not fay always, length of days is upon this account defireable. But, that a religious or a virtuous courfe of life naturally tendeth to prolong our days, we may be convinced by experience. If we compare the ftate of mankind at diffe- rent times, I mean with refpea to health and longevity, we (hall find that always, in thofe nations and ages wherein regular vir- tue was moft pra tifed, nature itfelf was in the great& vigour, and life drawn out to the longeft period. Whereas vice, and a licentious diffolution of manners, conftantly corrupted the ftfain, bringing on a multi- tude of mortal difeafes, which Morten the days of men, rendering their condition un- happy,