Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

the Fruits of Wifdom. 151 happy, and with life itfelf are propagated S E x M. to wretched pofterity. The virtuous firn- VI. plicity of the firft ages may be one reafon why the patriarchs were fo long-lived ; and the abounding of wickednefs in their dege- nerate offspring is one great caufe why the term of life is fo fhortened, and the vigour of the human conftitution fo remarkably im- paired. If we defcend to the particular branches of wifdom, or the particular vir- tues, we may eafily fee the eminent influ- ence which fome of them have on the pre - fervation' of life, and the unhappy tendency of the contrary to its deftrution. Temperance, in particular, doth very much contribute to health and long-life ; and the immoralities oppofite to it, are the occafion of many diftempers which have raged among mankind, and daily bring mul- titudes to the grave. Debauchery, glut- tony, drunkennefs, luxury, lafcivioufnefs, all contrary to fobriety, which confifteth in the due government of the carnal appetites, make life fo feeble and joylefs as it is in many men, and bring them in crouds to an un- timely end. Meeknefs and patience, likewife, are vir- tues which concur to the producing of the fame happy effect ; as they controul and re- L 4 ftrain