Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

r s2 Long-life, Riches, and Honour, ER M. ftrain anger and all the difagreeable pallions VI. it comprehendeth, whereby life, when they prevail, is rendered uncomfortable and even pineth away. We fee that people of choleric and peevifh tempers not only are eftranged from joy, the ferenity and peace of the mind is broken, but thole inward diftempers prey upon the very vitals, and the bódy itfelf languifheth by their pernicious influence. It is obferved in the facred hifl.ory, that Mofes preferved a wonderful meafure of health and vigor in a very advanced age. When he was one hundred and twenty, his natural force was not abated, though at that time the age of man was reduced to the ftandard; which Bill co'ntinueth, of feventy years, as appeareth by the Both Pfalm of which he was the author. And though it muff be acknowledged that being a perfon of fó great eminency, fo ferviceable to God, and ufeful to the Ili aelites his peculiar people, the prolonging of his life may well be at- tributed to a fpccial providence, yet we may reafonably apprehend that natural caufes con- curred to the fune end, and particularly, that his very uncommon equanimity and good temper,, never ruffled with pafion, had a (hare in bringing him to, fuck an eafy and happy old age; for this was his charac- ter,