Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

I 164 Long-life, Riches, and Honour, S t x M. world, or alter their natural circumftancet VI and relative conditions which arife from the eftablifhment of human focieties. Good men as well as bad are liable to ficknefs and death, and St. Paul fuppofeth, i Cor. vii. 21. That men might be called to the pro - feffion and privileges of the gofpel in a Rate of fervitude, from which chriftianity did not releafe them, but directed them how to bear it ; but, at leaft, all thefe calamities and aßlifions, bad men are as liable to as the religious ; nay, there is a natural probability, and ordinarily it is found true in fart, that the praftice of real piety and virtue will be no hindrance to men's prefent intereft, but rather promote it. Now, is it not extreme folly for men to rifque their falvation, that they may fave their lives, and get worldly gain, and yet not be in a better way to fe- cure thofe ends, but rather likely to come fhort of them ; to facrifice their confciences to their honour, and yet lofe that honour they fo earneftly feek after, which generally is the cafe of ambitious wicked men. This their way is their folly ; and though it hath been proved to be fo by innumerable in- fiances from the beginning of the world, yet men go on Rill in the fame track, and pofterity approve the maxims and the con- duf