Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

28 Religion and Virtue, SE R M. We are divided againft ourfelves, and find oppofite tendencies in our hearts, carnal in- clinations and paffions leading one way, and reafon and confcience ¡propofingl another di- redly contrary. They mull be ftrangers to Pelf -relle Lion, who do not find it fo in fat and experience ; and if it be fo, it is plain that fomething, which muff be called our- felves, and a part of our nature, muff be denied ; either appetite and paflïon on the one hand, or reafon and confcience on the other. But it is certain, and every confide - rate perfon will be convinced of it, that the latter is the fuperior, the more excellent, and, of right, the governing part ; and that conforming ourfelves to its dire Lion will yield the greater, more exalted, and abiding happinefs. Now, is it not wife and reafo- nable to deny an inferior, and worfe felf, for the fake of a better and fuperior ? And thus the law of mortifying the deeds of the body, of crucifying the flefh, with the affec- tions and lufts, is wifely injoined for the Paving of the fpirit, for refcuing it from corruption, and raifing it to a ftate of wif- dom, aEtivity, and true pleafure. Since, then, this do&rive cf Solomon fets religious virtue in fuch an inviting light; and fince, as he elfewhere fpeaketh, there is a