Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

I 52 The Excellency of Wfdom. S E R M. God, through the ignorance that is in them, II. becaufé of the hardnefs of their hearts ; who "v---1 being pall feeling, have given themfelves over unto lafcivioufnefs, to work all uncleannefi with greedinefs ; when they were funk into a wretched impotence to good, the flefh pre- vailed againft the fpirit, carnal and fenfible things made a ftrong imprefi-ion on the mind ; and though they could not altogether efface the fenfe of true wifdom, yet very much obfcured it, and drew away the heart from an attention to its di&ates ; when cor- rupt cuftoms, the vain converfation received by tradition from their fathers, had prevailed to the enflaving of fanners ; in this cafe it pleafed God, in great mercy, to find out a way for redeeming them by his fon 'lefts Chi-if', his fubftantial word and wifdom, who hath appeared to put away fin, and bring the fimple to underftanding. The gofpel fheweth us true wifdom in its native fimplicity and purity, and in that form which is belt accommodated to the circum- fiances of our condition, enforcing its in- ftru Lions by new and powerful motives. The fum of what the grace of God, that bringeth falvation, teacheth us, is, that de- nying ungodlinefs and worldly lz f, we fhould 3 live