Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

The Excellency of Wiifdom. 53 live foberly, righteou/ly, and godly, in this S E R M. prefent world, which is juft the abridgment II. of the wifdom which Solomon recommend- eth. It fhineth with a peculiarly attrattive grace in the life and precepts of the holy 7efus, and a peculiar obligation is added by a clear and pofitive law, with a very impor- tant fanftion, the promife of a glorious re- ward to the obedient, and the threatening of a terrible punifhment to the obftinately difobedient, in order to reclaim finners, and to ftrengthen men againft the many tempta- tions they are liable to in this Rate of im- perfeftion : And yet farther, in compaßïon to our infirmities, God bath been pleafed to give his Holy Spirit, the fpirit of wifdom and revelation in the knowledge of him; whofe office it is to illuminate our minds, and affift our feeble endeavours in feeking after wifdom ; fo that in neglefting it, we )(hall be altogether inexcufable. Secondly, Let us entertain our minds with the excellency of wifdom as a very agreeable contemplation. We naturally incline to me- ditate on thofe things which are much in our efteem, and by that the prevailing difpofi- tions of the heart difcover themfelves as E 3 much