Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

54 The Excellency of Wifdom. S E R M. much as any way. The men of the world, II. who have their portion in this life, as the Pfalmift fpeaketh, fpend their folitary hours in thinking on their treafures, contriving bow to encreafe or preferve them ; or they delight themfelves with fcenes of pleafure which their imagination formeth in the fru- ition of them ; as our Lord's parable of the rich man in the 12th of St. Luke's gofpel reprefenteth him, as firft, confidering with himfelf how he fhould difpofe of the vaft increafe of his ground ; and then, faying to his foul, Thou hall much goods laid up for many years, take thine eafe, eat, drink, and be merry. The good man, on the contrary, meditateth on the law of God night and day; and a very reafonable exercife this is, if we have a juft fenfe of its excellency ; nay, fuch as may well fupport the mind under molt afHi Ling circumftances ; for any dif- appointment, or that which for the prefent feemeth to be grievous, may be borne, when the foul can relieve itfelf by having recourfe to fomething more noble and important fill! within its reach. That man muff ,have a fpirit of a very odd conftitution, who cannot encourage himfelf under a difagreeable inci- dent, when he feeth his molt important in- tereft