Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

The Ways of Wzfdom, &c. 59 If we confider wifdom only as an object of S E x fpeculation, the mind hath .fatisfaEtion in III. meditating upon it ; for furely we will ac- ``r-j knowledge there are mental as well as cor- poreal enjoyments, and the mind is agree- ably entertained with other objeâs than thofe of the external fenfes. When the under - handing is regularly and diligently employed in a fearch after truth, the foul rejoiceth in finding it, and Rill the joy rifeth in propor- tion to the excellence and importance of the obje& Now, fhall the ftudious fearcher into nature, into the order, dependency, and operation of inferior caufes, to find out their effedts ; into the motions and fenfible qualities of bodies ; into the equality, pro- portion, and other relations of figures and numbers; (hall fuch a one be highly pleafed in the difcovery of truth, with evidence which is fatisfying to his mind ? And (hall the harmony of the foul itfelf, a due bal- lance of the affeftions, a well-proportioned and becoming difpofition or action, be al- together infipid ; and righteoufnefs, moral excellence, and holinefs, not appear an ami- able form ? Nay, certainly, the knowledge itfelf, not to fpeak of the practice of this fort of wifdom, is pleafant, as Solomon tel- leth