Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

6o The Ways of Wfdom, S E R M. leth us, Prov. xxiv. 13. My fin, eat thou III. honey becaufe it is good, and the honey-comb, "--v""") which is fweet to thy tafle; fo flail the know- ledge of wifdom be to thy foul. Farther ; let us confider, what no pious mind will call in queftion, that the greateft delight arifeth from ferious devout medita- tion on God. The faints in fcripture ex- prefs their experience of this with raptures; what they call beholding the beauty of the Lord, the glory of their God, and the light of his countenance, is reprefented as the no- bleft enjoyment ; it is an anticipation of the heavenly felicity ; for wherein doth the joy of heaven itfelf confift ? One principal in- gredient in it is, feeing the face of God, cal- led therefore the beatific vifion. Now, what is the view his faithful fervants have of the fupreme being, in which they fo joyfully acquiefce ? Certainly, the principal objects of it are his moral perfe &ions ; and though all his excellencies are to be confidered as infeparable, yet thefe are what give loveli- nefs to the whole. Though abfolute fupre- macy, independence, eternity, immenfity, and infinite power, might produce admira- tion and aftonifhment, yet it is only when confidered in conjunction with holinefs, good- nefs,