Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

trays- of Pleafantnef . bs confciences, that in fimplicity and godly fin- S E R rt. cerity they had their converfation in the world. And, to conclude, in whatever degree any `"''' have experience in this matter, having cho- fen the ways of wifdom or of God's com- mandments, they find tliemfetves obliged to acknowledge they are not grievous, but ways of pleafantnefs and peace. But, fecondly, one might appeal to the experience of thofe who have but the loweft meafure of this wifdom ; and indeed I can- not think there is any one of mankind fo perfeäly wicked and abandoned as not to have a fenfe of force kind of goodnefs, if not of piety and the virtues which confift in the government of the felfifh aff-dions, yet of juflice and good will to their fellows, which is an important part of wifdom ; I fay, not to have a fenfe of force kind of moral goodnefs, nay, an efteem of it's ex- cellence and dignity, and that it affordeth a true and even a very great pleafure to the mind. But if bad men have little experi- mental knowledge of the pleafantnefs of wifdoin's ways, there is another thing they have experience of which proveth it, that is, the painfulnefs of the ways of fin and VoL. III F folly;