Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

66 The Ways of Lhiifdôm, S E R M. folly ; for, from that, if it be fufficiently I attelled, it necell'arily followeth that the di- redly contrary courfe of wifdom or religious virtue mull have yielded fatisfa.ion to them, and will yield fatisfaEtion to any who choofe it. Now, let any man who bath given himfelf the molt unbounded liberty in grati- fying his inclinations, who in defiance of all the warnings he path had, and the ineffec- tual remonftrances of his own confcience, bath indulged his pafíions and his lulls with- out any controul, let him but calmly con- fider what pleafure he findeth in a review; whether his enjoyments are not fucceeded with remorfe? Nay, whether his fhort -lived pleafures of fin are not much over -ballanced by the flinging durable reflefions of his felf- accufing and reproaching heart ? Notwith- flanding all his endeavours to divert and flifle it, (fometimes indeed thefe methods to a great degree, and the hearts of men are brought to a hardnefs and infenfibility which is amazing, their confciences, as the Apofile fpeaketh, are feared, but is that an eafe worthy of a man, which arifeth from flupid inconfideration ?) I fay, notwithílanding all his endeavours to fife it, confcience will at fometimes with an irrefiftible force break in upon