Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

74 The Ways of Tifdom, S E R M. creatures ? And fhall we fink fo far beneath. III. the dignity of our fpecies, as in the choice ""--vs) of our pleafures, to be upon a level with the beafts of the earth ? As every fort of being capable of any happinefs at all, bath enjoy- ments fuitable to its powers and meafures of perfeétion, thofe which are peculiar to man, muff be the molt becoming him ; and fuch are the pleafures of wifdom, of their parti- cipating in which the brutes give not the leaft difcovery. Not only fo, but the plea- lures of fenfe, licentioufly indulged, and in the forbidden degree, weaken reafon, and marr its free exercife, which is a ftrong ob- jetion againft them. Can any thing be worthy an intelligent and free agent, which darkens his underftanding, and impares his freedom ? Now, every man hath too much experience, if he ferioully refieeteth, not to be fenfible that carnal gratifications, immo- derately purfued, cart a fhadow over the un- derftanding ; that they are accompanied with perturbation, and diífipate the vigour of the foul. Set againft thefe the joys of an ap- proving confcience, the peace which arifeth from the love of God's law, and an inward fenfe of our own integrity, and fee whether they are not of a nobler character ? They are