Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

Ways of Fleafantneß. 73 ere pure and ferene, attended with no tu- S xa mutt ; and inftead of impairing the higher III. powers of the mind, the underftanding and liberty, they preferve them in the greateft compofure and undifturbed exercife, and in their moft healthful and vigorous Bate. 2dly, The pleafures of this world are but very precarious ; we can have no lure hold pf them, nor any certainty in our profpea of a future enjoyment of them ; a man hath it not in his power to command them when he will ; they depend on external obje &s which cannot be always prefent, and if they were, could not always pleafe. It is but a poor confolation that lies at the mercy of time and chance, and which therefore muff be fubje& to continual difappointments. When one has the keeneft appetites, the ftrongeft inclinations to entertain himfelf agreeably, his hopes are often fruftrated, being liable to many unforefeen incidents and indifpofitions in the objeft, or a fudden indifpofition in the faculty marrs his expected pleafure : But the good man is fatisfied from himfelf, his joy and peace do not depend on variable accidents, he retireth into his pwn heart, where he enjoys an inward har- pony and tranquility, not interrupted by jarring