Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

76 The Ways of Wifdom, S E R M. jarring paflions, or the galling reproaches of M. a guilty confcience. Who would not prefer even a moderate fatisfadion which never fails, but is always ready to meet us when we turn our thoughts towards it, to a delight which might for once, or very feldom, be tranfporting ; (if that were the cafe, though really it is not, for the pleafures of the fpi- ritual kind are the more intenfe as well as certain) I fay, to an enjoyment, which, if it were very great and even fuperior, is difficult of accefs, requireth a concurrence of various circumftances and events not in our power, and overballanceth all the fatisfaâion it yields, with painful delays and vexatious difappointments ? Efpecially, if we add, in the next place, that carnal pleafures are but of a fhort continuance, being defigned by the author of nature not to be the chief bu- finefs and enjoyment of a reafonable being, but for certain particular ends in the animal life, which, when they are anfwered, the pleafure dies, nay, is often turned into aver- lion and difiaf}e, and always the review of them is at leaft infipid. Thus the perfons whom Solomon calleth wine- bibbers and rio- tous eaters of flefh, have no lafting fatisfac- tion in that fenfual delight they chufe; when