Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.3

88 Wifdor the Strength of the Mind. S.ERM. kind) but a rational and virtuous fortitude IV. which groweth up with other branches of religion, and is the happy attendant of an increafing and univerfal integrity. In difcourfing on this fubject, I think it will be natural, Firji, To confider the difeafed and feeble Rate of mind againft which wifdom is the proper remedy ; or that weaknefs and the fymptoms of it, which is natural to men without wifdom or virtue. Secondly, I will endeavour to fhew wherein the ftrength of the wife man lieth, and how wifdom or religious virtue is the cure of our weaknefs and its fymptoms. ift, Let us confider the difeafed and feeble fiate of mind, againfi which wifdom is the proper remedy; and it feemeth to confift in an indifpofition for the due exercife of its pow- ers. The body is thendiftempered and weak, when it is unfit for the functions of nature, when its members or organs are unapt for the right difcharge of their proper offices in the animal eeconomy; and fo the mind, render- ed uncapable of fuch offices, fuch activity and exertions as become fuch a being, is weak and difeafed. This is its unhappy cafe when the