Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Of Chrian Liberty. 143 of chuffing their own paflors, over their S E x vr. chriftian difcipline, and the external modes V. of their worfhip, enjoining different forms `'J or prohibiting all forms, with excommu- nicating canons, and an authority of in- flifting fpiritual or temporal penalties for every difobedience; that this, I fay, would be in the fame manner liable to our main obje.ions from fcripture, and as truly an infringment of the liberty wherewith Chrifl hath made us free, as the prefent ecclefiafti cal eflablifhment is. To conclude this argument, nothing can be more repugnant to the defign and very genius of chriftianity than a fpirit of domi- nation, or even any claim of authority in fallible men over the minds and confciences of chriftians in matters of religion. You know that the princes of the Gentiles exercie dominion over them; and they that are great exercife authority upon them. But it (hall not be fo among you; but whofoever will he great among you, let him be your minifier, and whofoever will be chief among you, let him be your fervant, Matth. XX. 2, ç. Religion in its very nature is wholly per- fonal, and the right of excercifing it alto- gether unalienable. It is impoflìble that any being upon earth, or in heaven, but filch as lçnoweth what is pafi'ing in the heart, and hath