Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

II 'tt 142 Of Chriflian Liberty. SER M. and joint communion, removeth the fufpi_ V. cion of factious party - fpirit. For what do we contend for ? Not the pulling down of one church eftablifhment, in order to fet up another; not the fetting afide the articles of the church of England, to introduce the W jiminjier confj/ion as a ftandard ; not to abolifh certain indifferent ufages, poftures, veftments, or feftival days, in order to make the contrary, or any things of a parallel nature, neceffary appendages of religion and terms of chriftian communion; this, I fay, is not what we contend for; but that things in- different in themfelves and undetermined in fcripture fhould remain indifferent in the ufe of them ; that every worfhipping fociety fhould have leave to fettle the external cir- cumftances and order of its own worfhip; that as to things which Chrift hath left free from any interpofition of his authority com- manding or forbidding, Chriftians fhould be under no laws but thofe of prudence and charity, in doing or forbearing what to their own judgment appeareth expedient or in- expedient, offenfive to their brethren, or for their good to edification : And I acknowledge that a prefbyterian church- conftitution with the fame power over individual chriftians and particular congregations, over their right 4 of