Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

1 iJd 4.76 Of tIe Kingdom of God. SE R M. God's favour, and the teftimony of theft' VI. own confciences concerning their fincerity, there arifeth a delight more calm and fe. rene, more folid and Iafting, than all the gratifications of fenfe, and the greateft abun- dance of worldly things can yield. This is a joy which invigorateth the mind, pre - ferveth its freedom, and diflipateth thofe gloomy pallions which cart a dark fhadow over all its intellectual powers ; efpecially it exerteth its vigour in an afllifted Rate, and breaketh through the clouds of forrow which hang over the troubled fouls of good men, caufeth undifturbed tranquillity even in the midft of great outward pleafures, when fear fulnefs furprifeth the hypocrites, and the hearts of finners, who had indulged them - felves without reftraint in their criminal pleafures, die within them. It is called the joy of the Holy Ghoft, not only as it arifeth from that communion with God which the fcripture flileth the commu- nion of the Holy Ghoft, and thofe fanaify- ing operations on the mind which are attri- buted to the agency of that divine perfon; but in a more immediate manner he exci- teth and diffufeth it through the foul. It is on this account our Saviour giveth him the defignation of the comforter, and promifed, that