Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Of the Kingdom of God. t that he (hall abide always with his difciples. S E R M. In the abfence of the king he refideth on VI. his behalf, and is the principal agent in his'---"*"" kingdom, diftributing his favours, teaching his fubje ts, condufting them in a right way, and particularly communicating confolation. Having thus (hewn you wherein the apoftle teacheth us the kingdom of God doth not, and wherein it doth confift, you will eafily be convinced that this account of it is juft. The whole model is contained in the gofpel ; all the laws, and all the privi- leges and rights which God hath given to his fubjeEts : Whence, then, but from it, fhould we take our notions of that king- dom ? But if we confider what the light of nature itfelf and plain reafon will fuggeft to us, we (hall be convinced it cannot be other - wife. If God is infinitely wife, holy, juft, and good, what can be more worthy of him as the great governor of men, than to re- flore and promote among them righteouf- nefs, and on that foundation peace and joy ? It is impofhble for our minds not to per- ceive an excellence in virtue whenever we attend to it, not to believe that it is pleafing to the Deity, and confequently not to think that whatever kingdom he fhould creel among men, or whatever merciful defign Vol.. IV. N ho