Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

,yü 46 Men tempted to Evil dy their own Lugs. S E R M. ency that arifeth, or rather may arife, from IL our being fubject to the afraults of tempta- `...``' tion ; not compelling us to moral evil, but putting it in our power to fall into it by an abufe of our liberty, and thereby to fall into unhappinefs. Would not one who confi- dereth the privileges of our nature, and the various enjoyments which belong to the ge- neral flute of man, together with that mea- fure of perfection and felicity which we have in profped, if we duly ufe our own powers, and improve our opportunities, even though it be accompanied with the hazard of fin and mifery, which is only to be in- curred by our own fault, but may be avoided if we are not wanting to ourfelves ; and we may reafonably hope, from the goodnefs of God, for all necef fry affiflance, in order to this ; would not, I fay, one think this con- dition, in the whole, preferable to non -ex- itîence ? And if it appeareth to us prefer- able, then it is to be acknowledged good to the praife of the author's bounty, notwith- 'landing its frailty and mutability ; and al- though, in the event, it could not 'reafon- ably be expected, but that fame of fuch an order of beings would be drawn away by temptations, and render themfelves unhappy. This I thought proper to fay for vindicating the