Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Men tempted to Evil by their own Lzgfis. 47 the moral attributes of God in his appoint- S E E m. ipg the imperfecîions of our prefent Rate, II. that we may always take care to (bun any"v---1 thoughts tending to difhonour him, while we find ourfelves obliged to confli' with temptations ; but Rill remember that it is fit for us, without entering into fuch high fpe- culations, to take things relating to our mo- ral condud jufl as they are, and as they will naturally appear to our own mind upon the moll fimple and obvious confideration of them. Every man is confcious to him - felf, that he is a voluntary agent in what- ever he doth morally right or wrong ; he is tempted, indeed, but not conflrained to fan ; he knoweth in his heart that he is himfelf the foie caufe of his tranfgreßïons; and this is fufficient to all the ufeful ends of our in- quiry concerning the rife of fin in ourfelves, that we may rightly judge cf it, that we may know how it cometh to be committed by us, what is to be done in order to our avoiding it for the future, and what is our proper condui with refpeä to that which is already part. What I have juft now hinted direfeth us to the proper application of this fubjet. And, Firft, upon a review of the, whole progrefs of temptation from the firft occa- fion