Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

k q 8 Men tempted to Evil by their own Lu s. S E R M. fion of it to the laft unhappy effedt, the finifh- II. ing of fin, which, I fuppofe, we are all agreed is the ¡Lift object of our deepeft concern, we may fee what judgment is to be made, and where we ought to lay the blame. When we confider the conftitution of our nature as the work of God, the refult of his eter- nal counfels, there appeareth nothing in it but what is worthy of himfelf, that is, of the molt perfedt wifdom and goodnefs : It Both, indeed, include a poßibility or a capacity of evil, which was infeparable from fuch a Rate as ours ; but fo far from being neceffarily evil, there is excellent pro - vifion made in it againft evil by contrary affedtions wherewith we are indued, and a law written in our hearts, enforced by an high fenfe of pleafure attending the exercifes of thefe affedtions, and bitter inward pains following evil difpofitions and practices ; and we know one inftance at leaft of the human conftitution perfedtly free from all moral evil. Let us, therefore, always juftify God and his work : When we confider tempta- tions as adtually arifen in our minds, vehe- mently urging us to fin, whilft they con- tinue in that Rate and are not confented to, they are not to be accounted our fins ; it is the purpofe and determination of the heart only