Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

MOW 79 CHAP T!R VIII. HowGodby hisWord bath alwaies called& fiparated a people , from commwnion., With Divilsc"wicked merL; to thetl- lowJhip ofhisgrace, byfizyth in Chriii. HEN our e fir[t parents had re- e Gen 3 volted fromGod , forfaken his word the groundof their fayth & obe- dience,& embraced the .f contrarie word fverfe y. of the Serpent; whereby they were brought unto firne , and by finne being finifhed,unto death:.. theywere eftranged fromGod, g affraict ofhis face & voice, b g. aíhamed of therifelues ; and fought to ihroude them among the trees , to hide their íhame with figleaucs, and to excufe their firne, by tranflating the fault unto others, the hman to the woman , giuen h lien fe rzq himofGod, the woman ito the ferpent; ; vale z;. but fhewed no repentance,neither asked mercy for their rnifdeeds , though they were futni-noned to the judgement of God. Wherefore,had not his grace pre- vented them , theyhadproceeded en to all manner impietie , as didand doe the Divils,