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W04204041/44i-WAr.-1',14eAsi T H E CONINIVNIONW, 0 F SAINCTS. gr` 011 -6) oz Let thy hand help me (tord,) for I haue chofen thy precepts. P1a1.n9,173. ATreatife of the fellowfbip , that aels,an one with an other; 1 thf eaithfull haue with God, andhis An d in this prefent life. gathered oast of e h(),'-) Scriptgra , In by L. A. i--. Jn theyeare ofsour Lord i 628 Pev r C 0 w Lit r.-. -1'.v, -7'

ci3 cr-.13 6 k5A9 Actir:21 To the Chriflian Reader, Grace, n:ercie and peace fr umGod be nmleplied. B Communion of (hrjfti- ans With the Lord andamong them-- felues,is a doUrine (good reader) both need- full and comfortable to be knowen_, : for is theflay and ,frength ofthe foule in many tentations , and the slaeare5 to con- ferue the Church fedfaß ins faith and loue. And if in this point mens minds beretied aright , ,posti theground ofGods `' ri. word ; they will be the a boards of the 2 0E. x° z3, z 364 . Tabernacle sl-andcng upright , with their te- &c, nonsfa4ened infockets o, ff 'ver. For what is f veeter to a troubled confcience, then the .a urance offialvation ; and what is better to Jlablifh our WealZand fainting faith , then whenboth iefh andhart do fall, to glow er feele , that b god is the rock_ofour hart, and br f ,73, 2 Zilit a our

The Preface ourportionfor ever. Againe, how good is it, e Pfal. i3;. and hots c pleatant, for brethren to dwell to- gether in unity?like thepretious ointment on Tarons head, and the dew on the mountains of Sion. godhath appointed his holyfonne lefus , to be the headand gevernour of his z Neb. 5,9. people ; the d axthor ofeternallfairation to ail them that obey hint. Hebathfet up al- fo the kingdamc ofChrif on earth, Whichit e xTi 3.3 , z f his Church, the e pillar azdground o f trsueth. f Ioh: 8,12..íe is the f l ht ofthe world, Whomallmuß follow, that wouldhase the light o flife; and gRev. 2I.9 g lerufalenf hisfporefe, is made bright by his II. 0. loy and the peopk which arefavedh all 3 1 aikin the light ofit. He is the i Father, Rev. 21. this the kmotterofus all. Ofthe Sonne it ils; isfayd, 1 Happy are all that fhroude in kI g426 him,forhe ás ofsr nhidingplacefro the wind, Pfal. 2,1 2. our refugefrom the tem e p . of gods wrath : l, 114.32.2. ofSion airO it is fayd, that n thePoore ofhis A' r fa. '4.32 peoplc(hallfhrowd in it; for there hath the o 0.4,5,6. Lord o createdaclowd by day, andf lamb P I yod. x3. fyre by night, -( as When p he brought his If rad out ofe./Egypt) and upon all theglorie, is a defence; there is afbadow in the dayfor the,heat, a refuge andflieiterfor the Ftorme, andfor the rayn. it is rertifit thercforc,that all

to theReader. all men come 9 to Chrifl, i f they woHldblue life,andby him r unto the Father, endabide in fcommunionwith them both that they g may be tfound in him, and ham' the ji,'flice Which is ofgod through faith;thar they may V know him,and the verttre ofhis refrredi- on, and the fellowlhip of his ofiUions; and be made conformableanto "his death : this is as thefail andgreat commandement of the law, andthefecond is like unto it, that they f else w theplace wloich hehath chofen to pert his name there, er x lour theplace where hp honour dwel!eth, Where he Y feedeth ca._s- feth( h isflock) to y downe at noon; that thither they bring 7, their riches , their, glory and honour, that ofeveryfuck me theLord may count When he writeth the people, a He was borne there ; that fo being b Chrifis, andchildrenof thefree woman, andheyres bypromif ; they may C receitte forgiuenes of f nnes , and inheritance among' themwhich are fandifaed by faith in him : for he bath fayd , that, d his EleaPail inherit, his moHntayne , andhisfervantsfhall dwell there. Bat, two things there are , Which Will .binder our feete from running this way , 3 ifWe q Mat. IT. 28 r 14, 6. f y 1oñ. 1,3. r PhiI. , 9. verfé. D. wi;ettt. x 2,5 x Plat. 6 g° v Song. 1,6. z f.í. 6o. : . Ztcv. aÏ'i11.S ,6. - 7 bc;al .,,z9. 4.2,6. z s. ;x. cAft.26,r8 dlfa, 65.9, ,_

The Preface ifWe beware not ofthem, : the one is, too much liberty , which many me,v take ìn thefaitho. the Gofpel, and obedience ofthe fame, Whiles they turne Gods grace into Wantonnefe, and abufe his mercy to the fu llingoftheir owne tuffs and licenciouf- nes ; whereas they fhould made an endof e Phil. 2. x z. theirfalvaticn e in feare and trembling nowinrrthat egen the f righteous are carce- f Pet. 4 s , . f lylived: Whiles alfo they take boldnes to communicate infpirituall anions with any , fuppofing that the finnes of force , orofthe publick cong-regationcannot hurt them, efne- i cially ifinhart they &fallow theevil! , and condemne thefame. Such men feeme not to dfcern thenature ofcommunion , how f tirre it reacheth ;, or the contagion., offinne , how farre it infetieth.Theyfeemc neyther to haue learned the law, g which tau,Tht, that a man x 14, by bearing :or touchingholy things , was not himfcfemade holy thereby , but a polluted perfon touching any ofthem, made themun- clean : nor the do6irine ofthe gofpel , which h x Car. xo . confrrneth , that h they which eat ofthe f x8. criflees arepartakers of the altar ; and all i col. 17. they i one bread and one body , whichpar takeofone bread ; Where if there be but it title

to the Readers k lïtle leaven , it mciketh fowre the Whole k z coy, 5.6 lump. Andthen looks, howfarre they par- &c. take With other mens fnnes ; fo farre are they in danger , to 1 receiue of their 1 Rev. z8.ß.s plagues. The other impediment , is over much ffraytoes which f ome menhate in their own bowels: whiles theirfeeble confciences are too much af felled , both with their owne and othersinfirmities. Suchhad need to havue their knowledge and faith increafed , their harts inlarged , leaft by expelling agreater perfection_., in themfelues andothers , then is to befound upon earth, they faint, andfall. Letfuch loose on the image ofChrifl,as he is portrahed m in the fcrïptures , whiles the n, pied. 22. chaffifement of ourpeace was layd upó him ; Ifa. 5;. Mdt. fofhall theyfinds balme for their wounded 27' &c confciences; andhealing for theirfoules by his 'tripes; and theirfhivered bones will re- Joyce. For of his cup mus- weall drinke our parts, and be baptifed withhis baptifine into his death, before we can tafle f thefìeet- nes ofhis life; andbe under the rigor ofthat fchole-maifter n the law li1Le feruants , ere n 414) 24* wecanperceiue the adoptionof fonnes , and libertie ofhisfaith and rofpel. Ind ifhe which

ThePreface which knew no f nne , and had shut ow/firmer. imputeduntohim , feltfuvhfcares and fo- rowes inhis pretidusfoule, andwas fcfmit- tenofGodand humbled,fo dc.g5i(cd andre- jeacdoftheworld: whatfhall we exj e¿ , in off . x$ whole fJlefh there dwelleth nogood thing. Let b n alfo looke upon the eflate of drifts church in all ages from the beginning , how it bath beene vexed with trörbles & terrors, withinandwttlrout, and theyfballfindeSi- o Rev, 1z . z ons cafe to be continually as oaWomrc in tra- 641. 4, 19. vel,Whofepayns &infrmities are ometires 26. 21 fo great , that the children come'to the birth p 2 King. 19 P and there is noflrength to bringforth. And 3 When they haueviewed the many tribulati- ons through which theLorcd bath led his peo- ple, how he bath ruffrcd them to be buffeted ofSatan, per/ëcuted by enemies Without,and molefed with hypocrites within, for their a C/r triai andhumiliatio-n; they will confefe that q e /(l Walk, here by q faith andnot by Coto, 3, 3 fight , fir our r lift is hiddwith Chrift in f $ God; h cfpotvfe i is blacke , for the Swine hatch looked upon her , her owne mothers fònuec haue beenean,gry againfl her , andall I)j,111.45, 73 the glory of the Kings daughter t is in- war d. And

to the Reader. Andfsrtheg affray arefuch vayn men as imagine to themfelues a .mate ofperfeEi- on , as if they had already v attayned the refurre11ionofthedead: anddo difeJaime all Churches andfocieties where f nnes are to befeene. Mofesface is X hid from them as with a veyle , they difcerne not the ufë ofhis law , nor endofhis miniferie , for a veilcovereth theirharts; neitherfee they the pofefvn thatfanne bath in them. , yea in c all Saincs , fo long ais they dwell in they howfes of clay, for Which caufe they fagh d defiring to be clothed W itlh their howfe Which isfrom heauen , toebe loofed and to be with Chrft. endwhen the veyl fhall be takenfrom thofe mens harts , whofofarr mifake themfelues to be that they are not : they will crieWith the Leper, fI am un- clean, I am unclean: andwill g remember their waies and be ofhashed , and never open their mouth anymore, becaufe oftheir fharm , but will 1' judge themf lees worthy to be cut of,for all their evils that they haue committed. Such a.- o as eyther of igno- rance, or worfe humour , doe unorderly de- part, and rend themfelues upon every occa- fìon_, f oryl_: the Church and body of(hrif; et 5 will vPhil.3.zx; z2. x Exdd. 34. 30.33,35- z Cor.3,I3. 14. If. c Roni 7,17- 18. I Toi1.I S. io. d z cor. %, 2 ePhil. I,z;, t Levit. x;. 4S g Ez:c. 15. 61.63. h Ez,e. zo. 43, 11

The Preface Will walkebetter,When, they haue learned Gat' 6° z' to i beare anothers burden.), and tread in the fleppa ofCl.rcf,l , his "Prophets , and 14pfll ; who ufèd all good means with patience , to reclaimv the lenders. , before they f rfooke them,. 2"et becaasf the faith Tans, z, 7. in not be held k iib refued o f perfòns I Dos#. 239 zneyther may we Ifollow a multitude to da err.11 ; and it ofte,2_, ftilleth out that, the rzgi%, Y . z II > Al faith; 'illcity beconleth aharlot , and, they z. g. which were u_yeflerday godspeople , are rifen, up on the other fide, as aping an enemie : therefore the S<tinl-fs jhould be Wfè hart, andnot hold communion,' With' any but in the Light, in thefaith , àn the true tvorfhit of God; for he is gealous d ef*éaz, over his owrae people , and Will not 23 üf7asre their mfdeeds , but will take his ìsa dome ro'y1_ them, , and reazous I tfe gAmos.; . 2 o candlegick out of theplace , if they repent, :tot; and a3- he f y:;h by his 'Prophet, q You eipely haue I IYnÒwen ofall the families of the earth , therefore will I vif r yott for yot:r iii:clizities. Tlort.s may Chxi- flians walk as they are counflled by the x E ccTe.? . t gwfed ome of God, not being r f}overmuch, wie, 19. neyther f Wicl'sed overmuch, !linghold; and not

to the Reader. trot Withdrawing their hand from this , t veYfe. t that he which feareth God, 'hall come forthofthem_' all. For this caufe haue I endevored, (though the unfitteif among many, ) to help forward in.., the way of truetr ,fuch as loue thefame With me ; andhaue penned this treatife lowing, for theirfames, the haue not means and leyfure to fearch the f riptures as they Jhould andWould , or by r,earn,., of their Weaknes cannot rather and compare the fcriptures togetherfor their comfort andaffu- rance in thefi points , a they defire. I haue laboured both forplaynnes andbrevity, as 1 could info large and ample Argumezzt; and by references ratherfens the Reader to l000ke himfelfe into Gods boche, then..., to in- JO upon_ collections or expofitions ofmine owne. Wherein if any places be allecred amfe or impertinent' , or things gathered otherwifê then."' the 'Text will afford ;' (as through my ignorance , or unheedines , no doubt many may be : ) I humbly as ,par-- donv for the fame , both of God and his people; and do defire the Reader not to rely' upon.- my judgement in any thing , but as- hies-

ThePrefacè klmfl fe by theWifedome o. fGodsfpirit,fball fee agreeable unto trued). Far if any fhall buyldupon, my words , WithoutPure groundfrom the Law of the Lord ; he(hall 2iis ;, z far offend god, Who path vgiuen hisfcrip- .17. tares by divine infpiration,, to teach and perfwadeall trukth , to improue andcorret all. , to in.fruEl. in righteoufsses , and mare menperfeE unto every goodwork,; he (hall injury me afo Who haue written the/i things to be trycd and examined by Chrils law, not to be acceptedfor a law; andhe'hag injury his ownefoule , by relyingupon, the Word .o ff rayl FOOL Whofe breath is in his noflhrils , which cannotflabli fb the hart , nor affure the confcience ïn any thing. Let therefore the ;gaffe wither and the flower fade, for it i. the x Word ofour God thaw 8 fhall(landfor ever. Finally thuone thing I would advertfe thee of, ( good Rader,') that forletimes I alledge thefcriptures otherwife thesz our common tranfations haue them; When the force ofthe Oràinall Words , cloth aford, art other or more amplefence. Herein I fear zit to be blamedofany that loue the trueth in

to theReader in incorruption ; andfar theplaces fo chair. ged, I lease them te their trial that are 'nen.) offudgement, TheLordWho is au- thor ofevery good gift unto all men..,, who paffeth by thefinnes ofhisfervants , andco. verethall their trefpaff';pale by in mercy , ivhafoever in this worlds done amife : and tom., thefe my labours , to the glory ofhis name, and the benefit of hispeople. emery, is( RY A I NS WORTH. Thc *at i;ant ;4*,

47\eVYNYVIOMN ` J1 y ti:L 1PS MAMMA Nj/.4 The...3 O»ents of the_, Chapters. ®F the communion and peace that was at the firft: and how f000e it was broken. Chapter. r Of the horrible miferies that Divils and men fel into, after they had forfaken God. C hap. s Ofmans redemption, and the renewing ofhis peace, by the grace of God in left's Chrift. Chapt. 3. Who be the Sainás of this communion. chap. 4. Holynes or fanEtitie , what it is. Chapt. S. How holynes is giuen unto God and Chrift, and how unto creatures. chapt. 6. How the word was communicatedwith Adam andhis children and of the Sain&s intereff in the fame. Chapt. 7. HowGod by his word hath alwayes called and feparated a people, from communion with Divils and wicked men , to the fellowlhip of his grace,by faith in Chrift Chapt. 8. How farre we mull avoyd communion with Divils, and how färre with wicked men. Chap.9 How

TheContexts ofihe .Chapters. How the Sain&s are called out of themfelues and taught era forfake their owne wayes and works , that they may haue comtnu- Dion wit God in Chrift Of the communion that we haue with God in general]. Chap U. r Of the communion that we haue with letus Chrií} ourmediatour Chapt. ¡2 Of our communion with the holy Ghoi. Chap. I; HOW the forefayd communion and peace be- tweene God avid his Sain&s, is fore. times interupted by their íìnnes : what u nrefi and trouble they then feele in them re' and how their ancient peace is renewed. C hapt. i4. Of the communion that the Sain&s haue in this life with Angels. Chap. s Now the Saines on earth are called to a holy commun on among themfelues.Chap.r6 How the Saines gather into communion, and grow up unto a body or church.Cha.i7 Of the communion that the Sain&s in all churches hare in things fpirituall.Chap,t8 Of the communion of the SainEls in civil things and humane. Chap. 19. How the communion and peace ofthe Sainds is kindred by enemieswithout. Cha. 2o. How the communion of the church, is diftur- bed by troubles. and finnes within it felfe. Chapt. 2r. How the communion of Sain&s may be pur- ged of the evils that arile therein , by the powers and cenfures of Chritt : and how need.

The Contents of the Chapters. needful! it is for the Saineall, to looke hereunto. Chapt. zz. How farre the Sainets may hold and walk in commun?on together, if offences be not removed. Chap. z;. O f the communion that oneChurch bath with another. Chapter a4m The Conclulion.

WMktiWits$MWW skiiGwhAa.esY'da.k,4 THF: COMMVN ION OF SAINCTS. CHAPTER 1. Of the Communion andpeace that Its at the firf ; and hove !done it Wear broken O,RASMUCH as we ñnde in the Scriptures fo great a difference vade , betweene the loñtic's ofAdam , that a s ;oh.;, t.. fore are named the bhof Th r, f to. e children of God , of Dr .5, Ç. tithe Light and Day, the c Sainds of the dP;4Li35,4. Mof- hiÿh,thedLords chief treafute,the e IPet.;,Io. cheyres ofbleiTng otherfom, the fchil- £Gen. 6, z. dren of men, of his world,of the hDi- h Iob s 44. vel,& i ofcurfe;& the oneof thefe forts ioh. g, Io cómanded to k feparate from the other, i i pet. z, r 4 n and continue a holy kA ¢ but to enterra Y Y 1 AFt.,. 1 Communionamong themfelues, endea- htb x),2425 A souring A. yti.

z C, H AP. I. Ephcf.4,3, vouring to keepe the munitie of the Spi- rit in the bondofpeace : it is good and needfull that we knowe, both whu are the periòns, and what be the caufes and conditions of this communion; how far the bounds and limits ofit doe excende. For the better perceivinghereof; let us take a fummarìe viewe , of the fiat hate ofus all. A.17,26 z. God which hash made of n one blood all mankinde, to dwell on all the face of the earth; made in the begin- ®Gen. z,3= ping o all things good : but chiefly im- printed the image of his Majehie, on an- gels andon men, and communicated his graces with them. The Angels he crea- ted Pholy Spirits, n'ex,:elling in hrength, gn1Á.o3,zo xvan, io, f,6 and in r glorie ;, and in all a`oilitie & rea- dines to doe his will;& fet them to ferne fmar. z z,z5 himfelfe in fheauen, there to behold the bike 2,15. joyfull light of his face; where the t ma- r Dan. , to. ny thoufands of thé miniher unto him, and are as Y charets whereon his Majefty v Pfa68,z7 rideth. Vnto them he vouchfafed his I8'1O lone and honour, that they fhould be x Iob z.6. named the xSonnes of God; yea his own glorious title he imparteth unto them, when

CHAP. 1. 3 when in the fcripture he calleth them y 61.97,7. yGods. And for this their excellent t th heb.z,ó creation, he requireth of them zprayfe &hcbr2, and glorie ; which tholeheaucnly foul- 7. diers cheerfully a performe to the Lord z FfalT49. ofhofts,ofwhofe glory the whole earth 1,2,5. is full. a Luke z,i; 3. Gods favour vntO inan about allils' 6,;° earthly creatures , appeareth in the goodly frame and fafhion , firf: of his body madeof b earthly mould in adr i- b Gen, 2770 rabic cornelynes, bewty & proportion ; & with alfuflicient furniture offeuerall members , for his owne de and fervice ofhis maker. He is fo clad c with skin c lob to, =x. & flefh , & joyned together with bones and fynewes ; the veines and arteries are fodiffpread over all , and every parte fo cunningly framed,in filch curious weile that the Prophet comparethhis fafhio- ning to an d Embrodery beneath in the d . +ftp earih;and minding this excellent work- pfa.i39,xs ti manihip, fayth unto God, e 7 Will pray e roer. =4. thee,fir 1 am f arhilly Wonderfuly made, Into the body (the houfe offclay) God f did infpire the g breath oflines, and the g G0,317. Man became a living foule ; for the breath

hid;3;)4. iPP9. 20, 27. k Iob.35,;6 16en. i,3=. m Idem a 6. 3john.S,7 n Gen. r, 27 oCol.3,ro. eeclef.7, 31. pEph.4, 24 qGen.r,28. r chap. 2,r9. fDeit.41 19 t Gcn.1,28. y amt. 2,is. 2.2. 4 CHAP. I. breath of the Almightie gatehire h life, and this breath or. rninde of man, is the light or candle of the Lord, whichfear- cheth all the bowels of the belly. This fpirituall & immortali fubflance fo in- fufed , hadvery fingular & gracious en- douments of k wiièdorne , vnderfland- ing,w ill, &many affe&ions,all i good : for the holy mTrinitiehadconfulted to- gither to make him an excellent crea- ture; and fo the mandid carie the image of God , n for in it he was created. He had o knowledge,, righteoufilesand ho-. lynes for performance of all duties to his maker,andhis fellow creatures; and this in p trueth fimplenes and finceritie. He had q rule and foveraignty over the earth and feas, & all the plenty of them; he knew the hidden nature of thecrea- tures, & gaue them r names accordingly; this worldwas made for his fake, euen the glorious f Sun andMoone & flarres for his ufe & feruice. He had the t bief- fing of the Lordvponhimfelfe and the creatures under him ; a v help like unto himfelfe made,andguenunto him , for comfort and procreation of his kinde; a gar-

CHAP. I. 5 a x garden ofdelight, full ofall pleafant x Ceti. z. 8. fruits, planted by Gods owne hand, for 9° to yieldhim food& folace ; he was all honorable inwardly &outwardly, there wasnothing in foule or bodie whereof ÿ Idenr..z,25 he might be Y afhamed ; for he was the z generation and a glorie of his God, he a is -17,zs had giucn hire b life and grace, and his ;, vifitation preferued his fpirit. blob. o,it 4. And God which made all things C for his owne fake , made this earthly c Pre. iß,4. king to behis fubjeec and to ferue him wherefore he communicated with him his word , informing him how to walke both in body and mind obedient to his will. For outward exercifehe had the garden to adreífe & to keepe;for inward d Cen.z,r5. córemplation,the feuenrh day efanUified e verfc 3. as a holy refl : and two trees beforehim ofdivers ende & ufe, rho one f of life,by f verve 9, the eating wherofhe might haue hope to line in God gfor ever¡die other ofknom- g cha. 3,22. led o f food tT evil , the tafling whereof would bring him unto alluied h death, h Gert.z, with all his pofteritie. Thus Godgane a law to man in his innocencie, and requi- red obediencewhichwas eafy to be per- A ; formed;

6 CHAP. Y. formed; whichhegraciouflywould ac- cept; for which,his bleflînglhould haue abidden , his favour and light ofhis face haue íhiined gill upon him continually. ]Pfa.zo4,3F.-Then did theLordirejoyce in his works, kFrov.8,3t. & his Wifdonge krook Iì lace in thecom- palle of his earth ; peace was betweene 1Pfa.r S,to him and h s creatures,all his works 1 did praife hiin,&: his Sainfts did blellc him; mDb$8,7. the m flarres of the morning fang prayfes togither, and all the fonnes ofGod (the Angels) rcjoyccd. S. And then force beanies of the in- comprehenfible light and joy and Tweet focietie, which the Father Sonne &Ho- n Prov.8.30 ly Ghofi had fromall eternitie n among john i 7,5. thetnfèlues in the unitieof theGodhead, were communicated with thofe princi- pall creatures the Angels Sc men; whiles oMat, z z, I o the one forte did ° aiwayes behold his face inheauen, the other enjoyed his fa- vours in paradife: then alfo was fweete harmonie (Sc.- moil comfortable fellow- p iob 5 fhip, peace &amty P betweene the crea- tures,for their mutuall delight & c6 o- lation; without divifion discorde or en- mity.therewere no hateful' fpirits made to

CHAP. I. 7 to rebel! againfiGod,to rempt& torn & man , or mifufe any other creature. No death difeafesor calamities tomoleft the; no terrours todriue them from theirMa- ker, no guilde fearer to afflid the foule, no noyfome lulls to reigne or rebell in their bodies ; nor any other meanes to hinder or dif}urbe the peaceand com- munion,or caufe jars and debate among all or any Gods handy workes. v. But force of thofe fonnes ofGod 9 zPet.t,4 . the Angels,foone q finned; & abode notjohn 8, 44. in the trueth , neyther kept their firll e jkdevol. 6, flate;butforfooke their owne habitati6, where they dwelt in bilkwith God : & fo became the caufes of their owne end- idle and unfpeakablemiferies. For they hauing fallen of their owne accorde ; werenot holpen nor r (pared , but for- r z Pet.2,4, faken of God, feparared from the other holy and eied Angels, thruft out of hea- ven , and boundin bonds of erernall night and darknes , to be referved for judgement at theappointed rime. 7. Thefe Spirits , being of Saint}s becomevncleane Diuels,hatefuli to the Lord, impenitent & malicious in them- A 4 felues;

f oh. 8,44 t Gen.3,i,2, r,rc. YRam.s,ia, 15,15. Gera,3,14> 15--17. yRom. 8,2* erc. CherKbiris gen. 3 2,1) 2 CHAP. I. ielnes ; fell alto to be fmankillers euen from the beginning; and liars againíl the trueth of Godsword,tailàulted our fail Parents, the woman by the Serpent, the man by the woman ; & by fubtiltydrew them into tranfgrefhon ofGods playne Law, and fo into the snares of fnice and death : and this Toone after their fearing . in paradife, as byMotes narration Both appeare.For which willing tranfgrefhon, whereby thole our progenitours wrap- ped V thernfelues 81/4; all their offpring in everlafting woe and wretchednes : the communion and peace betweene God& man, was footle difanullecl alto 8z with all earthlycreatures for mans fake.Then wasGods Xcurie pouredout on the head of that olde Serpent 4 his-wrath into the world ; where the creature became ' fubje& to vanitie, Man which had h;d himself from the face ofhisMaker, was found out,arraighned and judged for his difobedience ; was thrufi out of the gar- denofpleafiire , and the holy z Angels kept him from the treeof life. Thus was his happines fuddenly changed into u1ifrie : in 10.bour and forow tó ípvende. his

CHAP. I I. 9 his dayes , till the fpirit goe out of him veto God for judgement ; & the body returne to dull. fan (that is) in honour , and ronder9andetb not ; he to the bßaiis,thatperifh. Plae.49,2o. CHAPTER II. Of the horrible nzferies that Diails and menfell into,after theyhadfor fäen god. Hat wee may the better dilcerne Gods g raceunto us inChriil, who hath freed, us from all calamities , and reftored us to a :aloft happie hate , from whichwe t -tall never fall: let us take a view more particularly of the many mi- feries , which finne did bringe vpon the Creatures ; fo will the benefit ofour re- demption appease moa precious , our hearts thall be filled with gladnes , and our mouth with fangs ofprayfe, to him that pathPaved us from fo great a deltru- tion. 2. The Divill having willingly re, belled againft God , repentednot ofhis wickednes,but being full ofmalice, fet hirnfelfe as an enemie againi the Lord A 5 and

Iob 1 6 I o CHAP. I I. 2 ' and his creatures. And for this caufe is revel. t®, z. b Pet.S,S. named inHebrew aSatan,that is,aFiend, c zach.3,r. an b adverfarie, enemie or refifler,c hin- rhea: z,18' dering all good , d beginning Sc helping d íat.a3s8, d 39. forward all evill. He is called allo with e.O+Ytta den. his fellawcs e Shedim, that is wafters; for 32, 17. the fcath Sti hurte which they doe,fprey- f Luke 5,2/ iris upó the creatures - fpoyling them : o 3 '.c'pv and g Se hnirim,that is rough, rugged or levit.17,7. hayrie , for the horror of their hiew, h Efa 13,Zí wherein they appeared likeh Satyrs , or h34,14 other ugly creatures; S; wherewith they terrified Bich as law them. In Greek he i Mat. 4,1 is named i Diabolos (.Divel) that is , a ca- 9 lumniator,becaufehe rnalicioufly kaccu- 0.10}i,9Y ax. &2,4,5 fah, detrafteth and depraveth, the per- t Gen..3, 3, fons,words,a6tions , not ofmen onely, 4' g' but euenof ! God himfelfe. He is called m o 7rvoeoç. Ijohn z, 13. allb the in wicked or malignant, one, for molefling,and with his n fierie darts en- nLph.6,16. ruine and miferie : the o Matth.4,3 ()Tempter,for affayin4 to drawe men un- to fin: a P Serpent and a Dragon_,,for his p Rev.I2,9 fubtiity and fiercenes,and venemous na- q NET 1, 24 tune : a,n q-uncleane fpirit, for his frlthi- a3 Kings zz nes : a r lying fpirit, for his falibood and f lobs, 44, deceit, being a Liar thefather f there- of,

CHAP. II. z of, no trueth is in him. And though one Divil be principall , yet hath he many partners called t hayefinoels; all ofthem Mat Ìó, i. malicious & v uncleane ipirtts like him- ' felfe,going about with him rhatxroaring x / Pet 5, S. lyon,to rende & to devour. Thefe rfpi- Y Eph.6,iz. rituall wickedneffes are authors, inffru- ments and abettours ofall manner z un- z Mat.4,3,9 godlines, unrig hteoufnes, zbom.natíon john Z4 2s. uncleannes ; they feeke by all rneanes Ad. 5, 3. to overthrows Gods kingdome, and to Rev./6,/4. fiablifh their owner therefore like rave- nous birds a they devour up the fecde of a Luke e 5. the word , leaf} men fhould belieue it & 12' be Paved: and like b enuious men, fowe M ih.r3 tares among the where , and `oe their 25, z8, 39. way ; they corrupt mens minds with er- rors and herehes, the dotrines cofDi- c Y Tim.4,I vils. Great knowledge they haue to doe evill, and are thereforecalled d dcrnones, d ôal,tctias that is cunning or fkilfull ; great abilitie make 5,12. alío to effea it,andare therefore named e Col. z, ,5 cprincipalities andpowers ; their captaine f zehm 14,;o being called f the prince of thu world, for QE. his effeauall g working in the children p 1 ofdifobedience; and is compared h to a bLuk.zT,za (Irong manarmed , keeping his pallace ; yet

znMeb.Z,Y4. e°cv. zz,,io aPft.z6,zx e 2.Pet.2,4. az CHAP. II. wet is he allo raungingabroad, and very diligent to worke miichief; and there- fore i colnpaireth the earth to and fro , and walketh aboute in it; feeking to k winnowe the godly as wheate,&make theire faith to faile. And as there is no endeof thefe fiends wickednes in them- felues , and their owne abominable na- ture: fo neyther would there be endeor meafure of their curled actions and c - feCts; were it not , that God reflreyneth their malice , and hath fet up the king- dome ofhis holy fonne lefus, to 1 loofe theworkes of the Divel; to, deftroy and maboli(h 1111m 3. And as thefe foule fpirits, being fallen from grace, thus fet themfelues a- gainft God&all goodnes;foGod againe ca(} them out of his favour and fromhis prefence, (wherein is the 'fulnes of joy) from the chearfull light,libertie & hap pines which they injoyed,& thruft them downe o into hell , there keeping them in euerlafling chaines , under darkener, unto damnation in that day , when he will come to judge the worlde. And al- though they haue in the rneane ípacc fonie

C H ,A P. I I. 13 force loofnes and libertie , not onely to range abroade in the world, but euen to P appeare before God inheauen , when P Ioh 1,62,7, he pleafeth fo to fuller them : yet haue Iking.z2,x they no Jaye inhis prefence,but ghorror 21,22,2;. & trembling ; neyther is there any corn- gTarn.2,zp, fortable r communion betweene his ma- r.2,2:168:145; jeflie and them , nor peace betweene the holy fpirits and them ; but Michael and his Angels f warreth againft them , t flri- f Rev.IZ,; veth with them, and v rebuketh them in Iude V. 9. the name of the Lord, for his chofens vz,acb.3,r,z fake. Enmitie Lath x he alto put , and Gcn.3s15.: ware betweene the faints on earth and ephef. 6,12. them ; the fainds whom he hath redee- 'c. med from their damnation , by the Y blood ofhis beloved fonne; by whole Y blood they z overcome ; and under their zRcro.z2,tr fcete , the God of peace a will treacle aRor.16,20 downe Satan íhortly. In dreade thofe damned fpirits are of the b bottomleffè- b deepe,which they defired Chrit,thathe lake 8,31 would not commande them into;&fear- fullly they exfped fr6 hishand torment, the effect of that c curie which is come C 6í4'3'44' upon them to the urmofi, and flail be executed in unípeakeabl e manner and meafurc

14 CHAP. II. meafure in that day , when (having ful- filled the meafure of their finne) they ero.20, pro flail be d cafl into the lake ofeverlafling gnat. z5, 41. Eyre and brimílone, prepared for them fo without end or relaxation oftheir miferie,be feparated from the Lord and all his Sainas, fromhis life, light, and bleffed communion, for ever and yet. 4. Men that had ben made in the fi- militude of God, holy lull happy & im- mortall, without any want or impede- , ¿ion in foule or body ; not continew- ing in this honour , but making fhip- wrack of faith by beleeving the word ofSatan; &of good conícienec , by o- beying hiscounfell, & ailing the fame whereas they were promifed , to be as s Gen.3,5. eGods knowing good&evil,fell by this nleanes into corruption and miferie,and fAtheists eph, became like diuils, f without God in the z, 124 world ; fubjed to the horrour ofhis, whrath,and eternall damnation. Whofe woefull eflate is to beconfidered,firfl in regardof flame; (wich flayed not in one actionbut fretted as acanker andover- flowed all:)fecondly ofpunifhments for finite, both of thefe are in foule& body, and

C HAP. II. iG and their full meafure oracoinplifhment is of theone in this world , of the other in theworld to come. S. The fiat finof manwas as venim, that foddainly fpread it felfe into all the powers offoule and body: and fubdued thé all under death& corrupti6 fo foon as the ferpent hadbitten him. And as he was the roote of all mankinde ; fo did the contagion alfo fpreade into all the brancheshis children. By g his d.ifobe- gRom.5,19 dience many were made fanners, and be- h tier. 15. came hdead; euenby the lone offence of i ver. 16. that one man was the evill propagated unto k all men, to condemnation : who kver.i s. now being evill by nature, could ney- ther 1 fpeake nor doegood , but dayly l Matth. ;2, wexed worfe. So that when the Lord 34. ni from heauen looked downe upon the pfat. r4, Tonnes of Adam,to tee if there were any 2.3.4. Tom. that didvnderiland,that did feeke God: 3,10,11, x 2. beholde , all were gone back , all were corrupt, none that did good , no not one ; yea euen the children n from their n rev, z2 birth and conception uncleaneand fin- pfal. 51,5,? full. 58,3. 6. The corruptionand nakednes of man

eiCor.z,14 jer. 10,14. p Iohn T, 5. CHAP x man in foule, is to be Peen in the undet- flanding, which o perceiueth not, ney. ther can know the things of God; yea though light thine into this darknes, yet lothnot the P darknes comprehend it, q Dent. 29,,gthehart knowes not, the eye fees not, 232 24. theear hears not after much inflruaion: r i cor, r,zo. mans wifdome is but r foolifhnes , and whatfoever he ta.voureth in miede, is fRom. s,7 fenmitieagainft God and t death to him- tvofe 6. felf.The hart ofman,which is the foun- 1 Pr Q, d tayn y whence all thea&ions of life doe w»e importe flow; is X crooked , crafty, deceitfull a- aN thefe eviis, boueall, and wretched;defperately tick jer. 17. 9. euen unto death : fo that Y every fiction y Gen.6,5, ofthe thoughts of his heart is onely euil :C.TheraP.4.8:1212: every day z euen fró his childhood. And as the miede is without atheknowledge b Pf. ie6. zi ofGod,orb forgetfull ifit haue known c aTim.6,7. him; fo is it otherwife c corruptedin the faculties thereof,& cariedwith dvanitie. d Eph.4,17 The Confcience which all men haue e Rom.2,15, within them, to e beare witnes of their l,,5. works, this alto is fdefiled togither with the miede; & throughcuflome of finne, gYTim.4,z. and Satans effeduall working is g feared as with a hotte yron , and becomewith- out

CHAI'. II. 17 cut reinorfe or feeling. The 11: ill is al-,rs fo alienated from God, and fionihs icorrtetió cot,rifel,oikhearingth,. fame. iPrett.i,25, All the other affections in like manner ;° corrupted , by cruell 1 hatred cne ofan k Ira. z8, I" other , cumofovine m brfthrer:;of that in Fro.19,1 which is n geod,yea even of o God him- n Miih. ,, z fclfe : the loue and delight being fet on ° 2"Cb1e.191 P vanit'.e &w:ckednes. Finally the foule ppra,. a,Z. of finful; man is fraught with q all un- ci Rorn.I,wry rightcoufn_es, wickedr:cs, i :alicioufiies, &'. wrath, envi`, dcbate, covetoufnes,inor- dii,ate lulls, arnbit,cn, pride , unn1erci_ fumes, and deepe hypocrifie,withall o- ther vices: being, r tn:pty Sc deflitut . of rMat.i1,44 cvciie good grace and virtue ; 'he hath neyther ffeare ofGod , nor reverence f PJal.8 T. ofman; yea, that there is t no God,be all take Is,z. =l'fal.IO, 4. his cogitations. 7. Thebody ( which is the v earthly v 2Cor.5,r. tabernacle and x rneath ofthe foule)and x .h31) dan. all the 1Debers of the farne, are fit infl u- ,, i$ ments to fulfill the cvill. thoughts of the rninde;and beygïuen over in like weile to the fervice ofvncleannes and iniquity: 9R°m 6'rß the evils which lull hath conceived in- wardlp,are by Satans helpeand these'in -- .B flat-

Pfil.58,s, a Prov.r,i6 btPet.z,z4 CPrOV. 6. 17 t'Y 30,17. CI,8. eMat. 2 o I s fRom.;,I;. g Tam,;,6, s hLevit. =4 XI. i rhit.;,*.o. Roms. I., s6 =7,29. lev. O,Ia,i3,IS 1 Rev.g, 2e, 2I .pfaE.Io6, 37,33. S C HAP. IL ftruments , brought forthand cfre ed. Hereupon do th m;commitall iniqui- tic with greediness : ¿Zis z hands execute wickedries arid, crueltiie;., his a feet runne to evill , and make he to flied blood ; his 1 eyes are full ofadulterie,& cannot ceafe to finite, defiledwith c haughtines and mocking, with d murther and e ma- licioufnes; his throateFis an open fepul- chre,the venimofafpes is under his lips; his mouth, full ofcurfingandbitternes; his tongue,an g unruly evil,full ofdead- lypoyfon , a world ofwick.ednes, defi- ling the wholebody, and lettingon fire the wheele car courfe ofnature , being it felfe fet on fire of hell, wherewith he curfeth men& hblafphearnethGod. His carkelre he decketh and clhatheth with pride; his bellyhe pampered-1 and fillcth with exce le,for it is his iGod;he is pou- red out into, all lafcivioufnes, Neyther is there anykunçleaimes,fornication,unna- turall flthines or bealines, wherewith heabufetknot, his ownbody: no trcche- rie,theft,riur-thçr,witchcraft,w.orihip of idols,yeaeuen of 1diuils,whi*hhe corn- tnitteth not. And there things he doeth with

CHAP. II: I withanhigh hand& obfiinateheart, till he become moil mabominable & filthy, in Iob i5,í6 drinking iniquitie as water; making it na paftime to doewickedly, o refufingnot n pto.ze,z ;; any evil!; but for to glutte himfelfe with o PJJ.36,4 his lothfome delights, addeth finn unto finne,& p drunkennes unto thirf,grow- eth q paft feeling , andafter his r hardnes pDog, 9, and heart which cannot repent , heapeth q Ephe.4,19 up wrath againft the day ofwrath &of rRom.z,$.. the revelation of the 1uí1 judgement of God,únto whomhe hath fayd, f departe Iob zz,i4 fromm f e,for I defire not the knowledge f i of thy wayes; who is the Almightie that I Mould ferue him,&what profit íhould I haue, if I thould pray unto him. S. So men that would themfelues be t Gods , are fallen to fuch impietie, that tEz,e tEzec.28,2 they are not farre from the lothfome na- .. ture ofdivils ; which our Sauiour figni- fied,when he called Iudas Y adivill ; and v /oh ,6, 70. the Iewes,the divils children. And now & 8,44. God abhorres al wretched mans works, and euen his molt x religious anions, z bra. r, 1;, whichhis troubled , ignorant &hypo- 14. .criticall confcience caufeth him toper- forme. TheLord regardethneither Yhim YGtn .4/S B z nor

zPrO.2r,27. a vat. ro9,7 b,9. Cch.6,I,2. Tit i; ts. e Pro.Io,i6. fEphcf. 2,1 . ,plal.Ir,5. Iaro6 rr,zo. Ecc1.4,i7 3 Vt.', I G. mdeu.3z,3s n prov.3,33, o .Rom.62 z3 Gen. 3, 7, 2.0 CHAP. II. nor his offriug, his facrifice is % an abo- mination,his prayer is árurned to filmic, all his worfhip is b vaine , his workes of mercïecunprofitable, &dnothing is pure unto him,his labour e &his revenues are unto (inne , he. himfelfe lyech fdead in finnes, and the g foule ofGod dothhate him. Therefore h his eyes fall fayle, his refuge fhall.perifh, & his hope be exípi- ration offoule: for he i offreth the facri- face offooles andknovethnot that he doeth-evill; he is k reprobate concerning faith,abominable, 1 & unto everie good. worke reprobate. 9. The rewarde of finne untoman,. from the Oft hand ofGod , is fearful' m vengeance n curfe and a death, begunn in this world,ro,he fulfilled in the next. His vengeanceand curie God infli&eth, fotnetirne by his ownepowrefull haride upon the bodies and foules of fnners fometime he ufeth his creatures to for-. spent them: y.aoften he vexeth one man by another , and erzenby himfelfe. For Man inhimfelfe bathconftzhon,& is p a- ft7atned; of his owne body and members ;. ¡Lis reafon, will & affe&ions arc often at warn;

C.HAP.IL II warrc one with another, and his co.ncu- pifcences q fight within him rat kerous envie r fretteth and confumeth him; car- kingcovetou'hes fpiercerh him through withmany forowes;his owne inordinate lulls. doe vexe t and make him lick and leane;generallyhis whole life he leadeth invanitìe y and vexation of fpirit, all his dayesare forowes, andhis travaile grief; his heart takethpot reft in the night; for he is like xthe raging fea that cannot tea, whole waters caft up mire 4 dirte; there is no. peace unto him. Awine he iS area troubled in mind for his mifdeeds,guil- tie feares do torment his confcience , & he is y condemned of his owne hearte ; x difl.airingofall help*&- mercy at Gods hand : whereupon men dreadeoft times a where no dreade is, and the b foundof a leaffilaked Both chafe them away, they flee as from a ¡Word fall,no man pur- fuing them; a c foun e of fare is in their cares,that in their profserity tl . deftroy- er tball comeupon- theni,neiiher beleeue they to 'returneout ofciarkenes. So that in this rnhrrie,loath'ng longer life;force lay violent hands don theirown 'bodies, J B 5 and q rp,a, ix;I* f ITim.6, If tZSam.13, 2,4- y Eccl.z, I7 23. x 11-4.57,2. 21. y I Ioh.3, 211 .zG'en.4, I;. a pfal.S3,5- j te`U.26,36 deut.28,65, 66. c tob.I5.24 22. cl 2S011. Iy, 43 aa. ira& y

eEccl.3,i8. Job z4, 5,71 9214,15,zz 22. fDan. 28. 21, 22135. lÿt Dari.4,i3 g9,3o,3z. h Aet, zZ, z3. z CHAP. II. and murther themfelues. And man to mandoeth all manner mifchief and out- rage, that they are as e beafls unto them- felues by reproaching,blafpheming,rob- bing, defyling, captiving &murthering oneanother , both fecrerly and openly, not fparing their owne brethren , wines, childrenor dearth freinds in their Ctvage wrath, hatred and crueltie. The Lord moreover afli&eth their bodies with f many grievous &noyfome ficknef±'es ; their bowels are inwardly tormented with paines, their joynts Sc limmes with aches; filthy leprofies,fores andbotches doevexeanddeforme them; burning & pefiilent fevers doe afflia andconfume them:neyther is thereanyparte or mem- ber from the crowne ofthe head to the tole of the foote,which is not fmittenSc wounded; euen the minde & vnderftan- dingwith phrenfie & g madnes; and the bodies fometime devoured with lice h vermin, whiles they are yet aline:. z o. The creatures all , are executio- ners ofGods juf judgementsupunwic- ked men. Theheauens Coinetiine.with hold their dewes and rayne,and become like

CHAP. IL 23 Tike i braffe: fometirne they fende down iLrv.z6,Ig itormie tempefts , k with haylftones and kt' aI.r8 tz fire , andother eviil influences , to de- ex d. 9 {troy the earth, the inhabitants & fruits Z4 thereof. The l Sun fïniteth themby day, 1pfa(, IZI,6 the moone by night ; the In ftarresfrom their bulwarks fight againft them. The mIHdg5'2o earth either n yieldeth not her fruit, but n Gen.4,12, is likeyron; or bringeth forth thorncs 6. 3,18. and thiftles and venernous weedes : yea fometimes 0 openeth her mouth , and o Num. 16, fwallowethmen up aline. Honger and ;x. famine doe afilid them, that for, *ante of footle they are enforced to cate the flefh oftheir P owne children. The wild beafts q prcye upon and devoure them ; P Dnit. s8, euen the {-malleft andvileft creatures , as S 3: 57. r frogges, flies,lice and the like ; are mi- q 2Kinns 17 'lifters ofwrath and vengeance upon the 25' Exod. só, diíobedient. The fire breakethout and 17,,4 burneth them with their fubflance; the water overfloweth and eirowneth them. The fAngels of the Lord, doe purfiie, '61)-1.41,5". fcatter and deftroy them. And the Di- ng. S vils unto whom wretchedmen yield no- 35. mage and obedience,doc tyrannizeover t 8 their tgoods, their bodies & their foules; ' B 4 tearing

:44 CHAP. I I. vMarc.9,'7 y rearing and torintn`ing them, ca(Eing rs, 2,o, zz. them into fire and into water ; x depri- x Luke 8,27 vinr7 themofreafon fence& f eech ha- 29.LI'I¢ 6 t v.n Li them alit n horrible bonda?e vn- yEphef,z,z. cien finne,Yworkingeffeauaily in them, z ztim.2,z5 holding them as ita a faare zunto their ovine will. So. that the.belaefits ofGod towards them wicked men doss. abufe to a pr4.73,4. further a licencioufhes and .prefumpLion ;. 5--s by his puniíbments alto they areno bet- tered, but incceafe impietie, as it is wlit- b Rev.16 ten , b Men blfrgbesned the n.ìr4e ofGod , which bathpower over thefplapes,& they e verge Jr repentednot to gime ìE%YL,glory : c they G<a- fherned the godofheaAtefor their payncs c.- firtheir fóres,& repented not oftheir Warkfs. I I . Therefore after a few evil daics on earth,whichalto for his firms dare ort- ned, the man being broken., decayed& wornout w ith mir_:ries,is caufed at la% to go to the cking offears;d.eath feazeth upon him, & feparateth the foule frei hé body; nether can f any man redeeme his brorher,or giue his ranfome toGod,that he May 'flue Gill for ever , and norfe the raue:bnt grerrors take him away as wa- ters, a tépeft aealethh in away by night; God

.C.HAP..IL z5 God caíccth upon him (his plagues) and. fpareth not, though he would faine flee out ofhis. hand; as ha whirlewind yt paß- feth, fo is thewickedno more. For i his fpirit departeth,he returneth to his earth, then his thoughts ,perish , his k forme bewty confumeth; and as he himfelfe,fo thisName alfo 3thal rorte. His foule being n1 fetcht away from the body (wherein it lived and joyed but n a litle while in the mornentany plcafures of fin,) is brought to theoprifon of hell;where all damned ghoíles fearfully exCpec their fïnall doome, at the greate day of God ; when the foules beingagaine joyned wth their carkeíres,which the Lord pwill rail out of the dull ; thePeas and death and hell q having deiiuered up the dead which were in them, theyMall be judged euery man according to their workes r one in the body.Thefbookes íhall beopened, and all things brought to light that were r hidde in darknes , the counfels of the hearts made manifdli the vheauens fhali declare mans wickednes , and the earth gall rife up againft hire ; accounte i ;all be giuenof * everie cvill workeand. idle B 5 worde, hpYO.IO,2s. i pja1.146,4 pla49,i4 1 prov. I 0,7 ni Lsr12.i2,ro fi Iob 20,5. o Ipet.;, a9, 15 A a.. 24, Y g clRev r zCoY, 5,10 fRev.2o,a t ICor. 4, s. y Iob ao. a? x Itisdev.I5 »Mt. 412)36.

y Rom. 2,S. Matth.13, 39--42. Er 35, 31, 32, 41, 46. a 2Thef.1, 1311.4.49,14 c Job. 2o,26. mat. 8,r 2. eRev, 20. 24 fi1'a.66,s4 marke 9, 43 y 26 CH AP. III, worde , &Godwill render to thefe irtt. ners ' indignation and wrath 9 they fhall be z call into the fierie lake prepared for the Divil and his Angels,and with them be tormented in rhofe eternall flames being for ever feparated from the a pre- fence of the Lord , and from the glorie ofhispower, from his comfort life and light: and Death thallbfeedevpon them, the fyre cthat is not blowne {hall devour them. Then {hulbe d weeping and way- ling and gnafhing of teeth, with too late repentance, and fruitleife lamentation, in that e feconddeath, and vtter darkenes where the f worme fhall not die, nor the Eyre bequenched for evermore. This is the portion of the wicked fromGod; and the rewardsof their finnes from the handof the Molt High. Thewicked ü kept 'trnto the¿ay of derirttaion;tba . had be broHght forth to the day ofwath.Iob 21.30. CHAPTER I I I. OfensRedemption,& the renewing-of& peacelby thegraceofGod in defisa ehr><. G Cd,thoughhe fparednot theAnels which finned of their ownaccord, :

CHAP. HI. 27 malciouíly drew man into their con- demnation : yet chewed he favour to A- dam and his children when it was ney- ther deferued nor asked. For of them, aplejr,4 he had a chofen to be his , before the foundations of the world, & b prepared b Muttb.zf, for thema kingdome, which it was c his $4 pleafure to giue unto them ; therefore a Line could henot be hindered,d no wifedome 32,. nor vinderflanding, nor counfell could dpYOtizi,3s preuaileagainfthim,but e his ownecoun- fell did (land for euer,& the thoughts of e rfal.33,1I his heart throughout all ages ; he alto f is 10..10,29 greater thé all,&none is able to take hi= íheepe out of his hand; therefore he fayd QEz,ec,Y6,6 vnto them, gwhen they were polluted b in their owneblood, ye shall liue; eucn when they were in their blood, he faid vnto them,ye [hall hue; I will h reedenie h 1-10f.13,14 them from the power of the graue , I will deliver them from death. 2. Yet becaufe as his mercy fhould. be magnified, his juftice alto was to be fatiffied, &death infli&ed for the tranf- greffìonofhis law; and nowmans lade. rie &weaknes was fuch,as endure death i Ìo6 irk, n `he, might, but overcome it he i could i2. not,

kPîa.89,48 llobn I, 14, 7t8. an4.11.10.30. ncba.iy.s. o Col.!, I , z7. p z Pct.i,zo r,i ahc,f. z,z o f Phil. 2,6. t a1ob. 5,zo iS CHAP. III. not, nor k deliver his foule from the hand of the grau e: therefore hadGod of his rich grace & incomprehcnfible Iàue, ordeyned his ? only begotten Sonne which was in his boforne, m onewith himfelfe, & in glorie with him n before the worldwas ; by whom ® all thinges were created iniheauen&in earth, things vifible & invifible,& in whom ail thngs confif ; euen this his owne deare fonne had the Father ordeyned P before the foundationof the world,that he toulde q faue his people from their finnes, and r deliver them from the wrath to come. 3. And forafinuch as being in the rforme ofGod,and t veryGod himfelfe (who liveth,and is ble1Ied for ever) he could not in that nature &glorie (where in v onely is irnmortalitie) partake with v z tang. ß, mans wretchednes, or tafle ofhis death, which yet by Gods gracexhe was to tafté i llcbr.z,9. for all men: thereforewas it alfo ordey- ned , that the y Word ífiould be made yIobnr, j4 flefh,euen the Sonne of God, when he came into the world , íhoulde be made z Gel. 4,4. of x a woman, &of the a feede of earth- a A.c .I ;,z3 1y man according to the fleib ; that he ould

CHAP. M. z9 fhould take on him the forme b ofafer- bp6,it.!,7d vans , & be,found in fhape as a man,par- taker c with his children of flee and c Hein r4 blood , that hee might fuffer for their fitke,, be toúched with the feeling of their infirmities, d and in all things tern- def'ap.4,I5 pted in like forte,yet without finne. 4. This incarnation of the Lord, wlye reby he fhould become ourcEmm6a- e Mat.i, 2; noel, that is, God with us; was not to be mans work, or brought to paireby car- nall generation, but by the f holy Ghoft f Luke z. Sc ;S power of the mofl; hlgh,overfhadow- ing a virgin, whereby file fhould g con- g t erfegl. ce ue in her wonibe , andbeare a h holy h vEVc ;s. thing, that fhouldbe called the Sonneof god. Who for theLines of thegrace of the Godhead ., which was to dwell in , co/.20.. himbodily,and the kipirit wherewith he was to be anoynted ; thould be named k L±ake4,rS the i .li refah, and the Chrift, that is, the I tam r. zr. fnoynted ofGod: and for thefaluation of [inners , fhould be crowned with the title ofm ?efus,that is,theSavioOr or De- 2! m i;veyer , at w. ofe name n every knee Ihouid bowe, both ofthings inheaven, and things in carth,and things under the aI' earth;

ARV 3e CHAP. iirs earth ; Utz everie tongue confelfe that Ie- fus Chrift is the Lord , unto theglory of I91.49,6. God de Father;who gaue him to beohis falvation to the endof the earth. p Heb. I34 f. For by this his Sonne,the P br'ight- gzCor.f,i9 nes ofhis glorie,Godwould greconcile the world to hinifelfe, not imputingbut tEphcf. z, 7 . freely r forgiving their finnes unto them; r ;. and by this f image ofhis owne invifible iCoi. r. rnajeflie , would t renewe the heavenly tthap.3,,ioas. image inman, which now was defaced, v e,3.6; 2s giving him V a new heart and a new fpi- Y yeJ f rit, cuen putting X his owne fpirit within him, and making him a Y new creature. yzC'r.5,,I7 For whereas the firíl Adam was made z Gen.2, 7. but a z living foule , and having loft his life by finne, couldnot recover the fame aRoni 5,i2, againe, but death a reigned over all : this 14. fecond Adamwhich was a bliuemakir.ig b fpirit, fhould c quicken them that were cEYhe .2 f . dead in trcfpaífes and finnes, and by his Ai p 5, f voyce fhould rayfe them up , and giue them lifeeternall ; that fo the deadmen e ïJa,z6,r9 e might liue againe , and they awake and Ping, that dwell in dull. 6. Theway to workout this wondrous grace for mensredempti6,was appointed to