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CHAP. IX. Yo3. a delivered unto Satan. Of our fpeciall a i Cor.5,5. duetie to fuch as being in theChurch do Tifn.I,2®. tranfgreflè, it refleth to be fpoken here- after, here I will Create ofwicked men in general'. 7. Concerningwhor,we are taught of God, not to communicate with them in any evil' adion ; as not to b run with LI, is the thief,nor partake with the adulterer, not ro c walke in the waywith thole that G Pro. z, zo, lay waste for blood; nor d keepe corn- r, pany withdrunkards or gluttons, nor d Pro. 23,20. haue e fellowíhip with any other their e Eph.5, z t. unfruitfull works of darknes , but re- proue them rather & avoide them; espe- cially their fpirituall & religious actions, as f not to offer their offrings ofblood, fPfal.16,4. nor make mention of their names with our lips , not to frequent their g allèm- gill 26, 5,6 blies, not care Of their ficrifices, though . Exo.34,r5 they h call ACT invite us thereto ; for cues now 25,2 . the word of God, and all other holyprov 911s. things i are polluted among them , their ¡Now1,21 prayers k turned to flnne, and their fa- bag 29,,i4 orifices 1 abomination to the Lord. i S . tit. i, I G , 8. And not in heartand minds alone 16. are we to iniflike and efchewe their ido- k pla. I °9' 7 UYrov_.i5,8. G 4 l atries,