Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. X. Sri the Lord fromheauen, forbidding them to haue any other Gods before his face; did before forty dayes were expired, forget both their % prom fe, and their a feare, andbGod himfelfe their favour, 2nd c made them Gods ofmetal]: fo is it wthùs all , when the commandement cometh,fnneabounded' and dappeateth to be finne, yea out of meafure finfull. And becaufe the wages offinne is death, the law alfo e caufeth wrath, which is f revealed from heauen againfl all ungod- lines and unrightcoufnes ofmen. Then are we call downwith light and horror ofour wretched cafe, and the more we flriue to ridde our felues out of tilde fnares of hell , the Lifter we are intang- led: for we finde our felues g carnall , & folde under finne ; fo as ifwe haue will to do good , yet h finde we no meanes to perforrne it; and without Gods grace we can neyther i will nor doe. Where- forewe k crie out upon our mifery , and fllould die in defpayr , were it not that God did caufe his favour in the face of Chaft to thine upon us : in whom being graffod by faith, we Jar dead to the law, H v but zExVd.r9,,z= &c. zr c ex0.32,7,8 dROm.7,i;, e ROno4,i; fRothe, is. gRem.7,í4 h erre 18. i Pbílip z, ; kRom, 7, 24 1 GAL z,r, 2Q.