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ThePreface which knew no f nne , and had shut ow/firmer. imputeduntohim , feltfuvhfcares and fo- rowes inhis pretidusfoule, andwas fcfmit- tenofGodand humbled,fo dc.g5i(cd andre- jeacdoftheworld: whatfhall we exj e¿ , in off . x$ whole fJlefh there dwelleth nogood thing. Let b n alfo looke upon the eflate of drifts church in all ages from the beginning , how it bath beene vexed with trörbles & terrors, withinandwttlrout, and theyfballfindeSi- o Rev, 1z . z ons cafe to be continually as oaWomrc in tra- 641. 4, 19. vel,Whofepayns &infrmities are ometires 26. 21 fo great , that the children come'to the birth p 2 King. 19 P and there is noflrength to bringforth. And 3 When they haueviewed the many tribulati- ons through which theLorcd bath led his peo- ple, how he bath ruffrcd them to be buffeted ofSatan, per/ëcuted by enemies Without,and molefed with hypocrites within, for their a C/r triai andhumiliatio-n; they will confefe that q e /(l Walk, here by q faith andnot by Coto, 3, 3 fight , fir our r lift is hiddwith Chrift in f $ God; h cfpotvfe i is blacke , for the Swine hatch looked upon her , her owne mothers fònuec haue beenean,gry againfl her , andall I)j,111.45, 73 the glory of the Kings daughter t is in- war d. And