Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. XI, Tzg fathers, when he had freed them from 19ßb çhc bondage of 'Egypt, faying; b ye haue b e6" feene what I did to the /Egyptians , and S' how I caned you upon eagles wings , haue brought you unto me: now thurc- fore , if ye will hear my voyce in deede and keepe my covenant ; then fimll ye by my chief treafure ahoue all peoples , thoughall theearthbe r-nine; ye fhallhe unto me alfo akingdomeof priefis, and a holy nation. 3. The manifefiation and affiiranCe of this grace, is to be feene in that eter- nall c Covenant and Oth, which he ma- EDeu2y,I2- kethwith us, and whereby he d flabli- d werfe z ;. fhethus for a people unto hii felfe, and will be unto us a God; as he alfo fware unto our fathers Abraham Ifaakand Iaa- kob. Who were thernfelues joyned in bague with the Lord, that had ilrablifhed this everlafiing covenant with Abraham and his pofleri ty ,toe beGod untohim , eGen.17,7., and to his feede after him; but hath now fullyand finally ratified it inChrifi,& by that new Tef}arnentall-bond confirmed in his blood, whereby he hath covenan- ted, that f he will be our God, and we f Hell. 1,1c íUl