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,.144 CHAP.XL. caufe he loved us fir{t , and hath inclined. otìr harts and drawne us after him. A- y Iob.14, 21 gaine becaufe as Chrift fayth , y he that bath his commandements and keepeth them, is he that Loveth him ; therefore haue we this ruleand dire&i'on guen us by Mofes further , joyning thefe two to- Deut.Il,t gether, now shalt Loge the Lord thy god, and shalt keeps that Which he com- mandeth to be kept; that is , his ordinances and his laves and his commandements all- vay. 18. From this atifeth much comfort to the. Sains, which finding themfelues atfededwith theLoue ofGod,& feeling his l ouue a íl- ed abroad in their harts by the holy Ghoft which is giuen unto thé, -do grow in this grace,and b keepe them- (clues in the loue ofGod , looking for the mercy of our Lord Ictus Chrilt unto eternal' life. They c lode his comman- dements abone the final gold, & there- fore haue d much peace, and OEall haue no hurt or fcandall ; their e delight is in his commandements which they haue loved, their f hands alfo doe they lift up unto their; andhereupon doe extpcarp be r-Rom S I Inde (yfaI. I19, 127. t verfè I6S. e vcrfe 47- fverfe 4S,