Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CF-TAP . XI. 4 j(28gOe.r4 with us?fo /. and t. J-p je s1/411. b-n.ue preeminence before Il peóplc that'. 1 NJ the e.trth. Finally, as the S.áinas -courage tl:elnfc;Iues 1Qa,'llf thc'r;'. foes' eâ w irh their shadow : dr.:trtClil;lfroa14 thorn, and the Lord' is with us :fi,,t,'e theme not : fu God forerold that 'W liAmany tribula.tzolls.fhoiiltl come.upon his le.Q- 14Dtc+.31hr 7F pie, t:c Ì then would fay, k c!>fre not thefi trokllss-come opon me, bL'caufe ly God is not with ' y 41, z8. For the prefénce of G.od , a2,-A communion Of h's graces , fo fa:'ct i his ,. . ° tucils oat of all dverf res.; that no wifedome coul;fellor firngthofai,ÿe- ,> j}1171V CaIl hurt , no creature can hinder -1 them from talcir happines ; the i.,o'd Dent. wo. thcir God ! who boeth before t'rlcm, he h htLth for thLlli , and m rids:t 1 upon ch.;;;a5 I the hcauens for 'their help , th: eternaIl iI 1CYjC . ,God n is their refuge ,. and' under Il:s armes th,y are forever,lle caftcth out the enemy before rhcril and fayth, De(}roy 's fo as wax meiteth from the prrfelatve of 4) Pfai. the lyre, o the wicked periíh froin the prefence of God ; i3uch:s péopìle he .'' P P1.4r'zz. ftipllvldeth theirin-teitie, arid doth , fe; 1i)